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Small Yard Landscaping Ideas

If your Sydney home has a small yard and you feel like you can’t do anything to make it better looking, think again. No matter how big or small a yard is, there’s a myriad of creative ways to make it wonderful. So, if you’ve been lacking inspiration, check the following tips and start with the landscaping process immediately. You’ll definitely be able to make a delightful décor in your yard.

Personalize it

Front yard landscape is the first thing your guests will come across when they arrive at your home, so you want to make an amazing first impression. That’s why personalizing your front yard is a great idea. Decorate it in a way that best describes your personality and your taste in design. You should also think about the architectural style of your Sydney home before you make any final choice, so that the landscape and home design don’t clash.

Keep in mind the size

Whether you’re decorating the front or the backyard, you need to think about its proportions before you decide you want a huge fountain or a patio to be a part of its décor. Small doesn’t always have to mean tiny, but it’s far from appropriate for tall trees for example, because they can overwhelm the front or back of your home. Try to match the landscape and the hardscape of your home, for the best results. If some parts of your house are unattractive, feel free to conceal it with cypress. If your small front yard already has a tall tree, remove it to enhance your home’s style and character.

Flowers are always welcome

Flowering plants is one of the best ways to bring in some charm to your yard, show off your house’s best features and provide privacy. The more colourful the better, so feel free to hire the experts to help you out with landscaping if you don’t feel qualified for the job. If you decide to hire landscape design in Sydney, Think Outside Gardens will provide you with the most creative solutions, and completely transform the landscaping of your home. Alternatively, think about planting the flowers by yourself, and line the sides of the centre walkway (if you have one) with bright orange anemones or periwinkle blue bell flowers. A stand of Black-Eyed Susans can make a bold statement, so think about planting them instead of hedges, to expand your experience of your garden plant flowers for every season. Enjoy the spring with crocuses and forsythias, make summer colourful with summer hydrangeas, daylilies, and phlox, while Japanese anemones and blooming witch hazel are the best choices for introducing some colour and liveliness to the fall.

Work on your curb appeal

Even though grass can add a certain dose of charm to the front yard, it can be a nightmare for maintenance. Therefore, it would be a much better idea if you opted for designer gravels, paver paradise or maybe edible landscaping instead. One of the best ways to set the scene for curb appeal or a beautiful yard is to place an arbour in your yard. You can create revolutionary garden paths and instead of sticking to a straight line, have them pass through the courtyard or an arbour. When you need an architectural element to add some character to your yard, an arbour is the best choice. It can even frame a spectacular view, cover a bench or gate, or create a transition between two places.

Yard landscaping may seem like a challenging job, but with a bit of inspiration and some skill, you can turn any shabby yard into a charming little oasis of colour. However, if you don’t think you’re experienced enough to make the yard look just the way you want it to, you can always trust professionals with the job and just sit back and watch your dream become reality.

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