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Super effective ways to deal with bed bugs

ways to deal with bed bugs

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Pests can really be annoying and cause a lot of irritation and troubles. They not just hamper your peace but also cause damage to property and belongings. This is why it is very important to deal with them at the right time.  Out of the many types of pests, bedbugs can cause a lot of problems especially because they impact the part of the house we spend our maximum time on.  But don’t worry since there are many ways to tackle this issue. The following are some of the super effective ways to deal with bed bugs.

1. Killing them through various methods

The first way to deal with bed bugs is to kill them. This can be done by either rubbing alcohol or detergent on the mattress or by application of chemical insecticides.  One example of a chemical insecticide is aerosol spray.  You can also suffocate the bedbugs by covering the entire mattress and bed with plastic bag.  Another method is to starve them by not letting them come in your contact. This can be done by creating a plastic bag barrier between you and them or through a blanket barrier.

2. Using the method of cleaning to deal with bed bugs

You can also use the method of cleaning to deal with bed bugs. For this, you must regularly wash your clothes, your bed linen, pillows and rugs.  The entire room must be cleaned properly on a regular basis. Do not forget to dust and wipe your mattress every once in a while to prevent chance of occurrence of bed bugs.

Image Credits: Wikimedia Commons


3. Get professional help

If you are unable to tackle the issue of bedbugs on your own, then you can even get professional help or get a pest control done at home.  The pest control expert may first find the cause of the infestation and then try to deal with it using a professional approach. This method may help you get rid of them permanently and effectively.

4. Go for mechanical controls

It is a good idea to go for mechanical controls to get rid of bed bugs. Integrated pest control or IPM method doesn’t involve usage of pesticides at home and are thus better for your health.  Some methods which are a part of this technique include getting rid of clutter, vacuuming carpets and rugs, washing bedding in hot water, seal cracks and gaps in walls and floors which may be allowing the bugs from moving from room to room in the house.

5. Avoid bringing bed bugs home

Sometimes when you stay the night at a hotel or at a relative’s house, you tend to bring bed bugs home either through your clothes or your luggage. This is why it is important to check for bed bugs wherever you go to avoid bringing them with you.

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Follow these effective ways to deal with bed bugs and get rid of the annoying pests.


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