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Your new shoes are causing pain? here is how you can make them comfortable

Sometimes after wearing your new shoes for a couple of days, it becomes painful or it becomes no longer as comfortable as it used to be. When a shoe becomes less comfortable or giving tough time wearing it, then the defect might be of the material and construction, or sometimes the problem lies in the sizes. Picking up the wrong size is one problem. If sizes do not fit, then the most expensive of shoes will give you problem while wearing it. So, avoid collecting your footwear only to bury them in your shoe rack, instead utilise them by wearing on every other occasion with some simple tips.

Often you think after getting new footwear,how do I make my shoes more comfortable’ because nobody likes to walk in pain and it is natural to get rid of this situation. This you can do with the help of some tips and tactics. Let us see what are those.

Having too tight straps

This is a frequent problem when you find your straps are too tight to accommodate to come to the size of your feet.

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While many new shoes got stretched with each wear, you can shorten the breaking-in process with water as it causes the stretching of leather. Slowly it will mould it according to the shape of your foot. Spray plain water in light amounts into them and wear them till they get dry. You will feel some difference.

Getting blisters on your feet

This is also common when you buy a pair of new shoes and after wearing them for a few days, these blisters a small pocket of body fluids get deposited in our foot. These are often seen at the bottom of your feet as this is caused by the frequent friction between the soles of your feet with the soles of the shoes.

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A kind of padding you can apply at the bottom of your feet to avoid this. This moleskin foam is readily available in the market comes with a layer of cotton to absorb the friction. Paste it into your new shoes when you wear them for the first time.

Preventing arch pain

This creates a burning sensation in the arch of both sides of your foot. Some new shoes do not provide good support to the middle of your foot and this is when happened this problem.

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To avoid this, you should buy your footwear only from those brands which support kicks. By avoiding skinny heels, you can get rid of this problem. Wedges are a good option because they distribute the body weight evenly to all parts of your footwear. Even if you need to wear heels, choose one which is shorter than 3 inches.

How to avoid sweaty feet

However, if you wear too low heels, it can also sometimes heat up your foot and cause those blisters. Sometimes because of the materials, your foot may heat up. A solution to this problem is that you should more opt for sandals which are breathable, means air can pass through easily when you are wearing them. Opt for natural leather on warmer days or sunny days and wear rubber in the colder days. When you are wearing socks, always choose cotton shoes to absorb sweat as much as possible. Try to sprinkle a small amount of deodorizing powder on your new shoes so that they can soak up the moisture.

Cutting the back of your heels

A simple solution to get rid of pain or discomfort is that you can ask a cobbler to cut down the heels or remove it. An alternative can be is that you can adjust some heel pads into the back of your new shoes. These cushion pads will prevent your heel from slipping out and will provide much comfort while walking.

Forming calluses

This happens when hard and dead skin forms in the soles of your feet and it is hurting when you walk. A solution is that you should wear only well-fitted shoes. Do not step into a shoe which is too narrow or small for you just because you like the style and not getting your size or getting 1 inch shorter. Never forcibly wear your shoes. A solution you can wear socks to prevent friction. A regular moisturizing can be a good remedy for this.

Scuffed leather

Leather shoes attract a lot of scratches and you just cannot avoid them. Even it is a costly shoe, yet it will get scratches and this one scratch spoil the beauty of your shoes. Regular polishing will help you to keep your new shoes shining. It will prevent the scratching formed too often. Wash your shoes at least once in a month before polishing. Choose a cream-based polish and use a soft cloth to wipe them.

Unsteady heels

It causes great embarrassment while walking, your new shoes suddenly turned upside down or detach from the sole. When you buy your shoes, always check walking around the store to see if the heels you are wearing are wobbling. Buying chunkier heels which are bulky and thick can be a good option and minimize this issue.

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Soles wearing off

This happens when your shoes get old, or overused and this reflects a bad look. It impacts your whole fashion. Try to use sole protectors, as they provide durability to the soul and prevents slipping or falling off. Another solution can be adding rubber soles, which you can ask a cobbler to add rubber heels to the bottom of shoes or heels and it will extend the life of your footwear.

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Heels sinking into grass

Certain types of heels tend to sink into the ground and it is impossible to dance wearing them. They often get stuck in the ground especially at a wedding when you need to dance and enjoy. In such situations, you can wear a heel cap which will minimize the possibility of your heel getting stuck in the grass. Prefer wedges in such situations they are much better than skinny heels.

After reading these tips, this fear of ‘how do I make my shoes more comfortable’ ‘will no longer be there every time you buy a pair of stylish footwear.

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