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My house plants are dying! What should I do?

My house plants are dying! What should I do?

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Maintaining your houseplants is a necessary thing if you want to see your home garden flourished. There are many reasons due to which your indoor plants or outdoor plants can die down, it can be because of lack of water, lack of sunlight, lack of nutrients etc. Let us discuss what to do in such situations. To emerge from this situation ‘My house plants are dying! What should I do? you should employ these tips-

Trimming down your home plants

As a primary measure, you can first trim down the leaves to stop them from dying. Cut down short all the dying plants leaves with the help of a scissor. Again, trim down the branches which are dead.

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Start cutting at the top and take away a small portion at a time. If you see any small bud, leave them as they might have the potential to grow later.

When you recutting down the dying plant branches, check the colour of the stem. Even if it appears dead in some branches, check it in the centre. If it appears green in the centre, then stop cutting there. Usually, within a month of cutting, the new branches will start appearing from the old ones.

Consider changing the pot because many times the humidity level also affects the growth of home plants. You should control the sunlight as well, too much sunlight causes the houseplants die down.

Always use the right size of pots

Sometimes because of small-sized pots also, your houseplants can start dying. When first plant your tree in the container, it was of small size. While it grows bigger day by day, the pot size remains small which can no longer accommodate such a big plant. When you see the plant is deep-rooted in the soil inside the container, then consider replanting it. Get a pot which is bigger than the root ball and you should make sure the pot has enough holes on the bottom for proper drainage of excess water. In the process, you will need to add more soil.

Humidity level also determines the growth of home plants

Low humidity level increases the amount of heat inside the houseplants and this causes them die faster. In the winter, the air is usually dry inside your house, so it leaves a damaging effect if you have grown trees like orchids, palms etc. Choose houseplants which are not affected by humidity.

For some home plants, humidity is very important. If the humidity level at your home is too low, then your plants will start drying. Moreover, if your plant is getting too much sunlight or too little sunlight then you should change the location of your plants on a regular basis. Try different spots in your house to keep your plants, for example, the southernmost corner will make your plant very lively with the most satisfying sunlight. Keep the window blinds open most of the time, it is good for your home plants.

You should diligently choose your houseplants, for example, a plant like Christmas cactus is a seasonal plant, but it can live for years if you keep it as a west facing or south-west facing. So, choose plants which can survive with less sunlight or under the sunlight.

Lack of nutrients

Pour some organic nutrients to your home plants. You can use few tea bags in your soil or you can pour them directly into the pot.Some ready-made potting soils available in the market which come with organic fertilizers and therefore it will reduce the necessity to add anything from your side for a long time.

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Before using, a fertilizer package, you should read the instructions carefully. Solid fertilizers are better than liquid fertilizers as they cause less harm to the roots of your houseplants. 

Watering in the wrong direction

Sometimes the reason can be with the watering process. You should not overwater or underwater your home plants, otherwise, they will start dying. Some houseplants do need water regularly and some do not. Overwatering can weaken the roots of the plants. Some plants start shedding trees, and it is a part of the natural process of adjusting to the drought, and you should not mistake it for dying. If the soil gets too dry then leave the pot under the sink for 15 minutes, it will slowly absorb water. Plastic pots are better option to use if you cannot water your plants regularly compared to clay pots as they dry out much faster.

Prevent pests from affecting your home plants, use a spray at frequent intervals. If you have indoor plants, then do not keep them permanently on the outside for a long time. Just keep them for a few hours in a day and move them inside. Indoor plants cannot withstand the strong weather effects of outside. Too much rain or too much drought cause them harm.

When you find some solutions to get rid of a situation like this, ‘My houseplants are dying! What should I do? you will be able to see your dying plants growing again, bringing a smile to your face.

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