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Tips to maintain your outside furniture from weather conditions

maintain your outside furniture from weather conditions

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Outdoor furniture gives an instant effect to your balcony or in the backyard terrace décor. They are durable enough to withstand any weather condition. But maintaining them is essential if you want them to last long. Though patio furniture is long lasting wood can get damaged in certain weather conditions, so you must maintain them no matter how hard the wood or metal is.

Whether you have wood furniture or metal wood furniture in your outdoor, you must protect them by timely cleaning and coating whatever suitable. Here are some precautionary measures about how to protect your outside furniture from weather conditions-

Consider the location

Based on your location, you should choose your outdoor furniture. There is different weather existed in different places across the globe. In some areas, you don’t need a water sealant but at the same time, you might have to paint heavily your patio furniture to safeguard it from the sun.

Paint your outdoor furniture

Do consider painting your wooden outdoor furniture, as this provides the basic protection against the elements of nature. This might hide the original look of the wood, but it is worth doing it. First, it will give protection from the harmful UV rays of the sun and will prevent rotting down. Use latex-based paints if you expect longevity in your patio furniture. Apply paint at frequent intervals for better results.

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Water sealers

If you live in a rain-prone area, then you must apply water sealant to your wooden outdoor furniture. This will intact the look of your furniture apart form giving protection.  Apart from giving protection from rain, it will help dry out the damp wood faster and thus prevents rotting, splitting and warping.

Varnish paint

Varnish paint helps to maintain the look of your outdoor furniture and will give it strength. You must apply it in a gap of two years to retain its longevity. Get a good quality outdoor varnish paint and apply on your patio furniture.  

Cover your patio furniture

Patio furniture covers are available in the market at affordable rates which are good for the protection of your outdoor furniture. It will protect your patio furniture from the harsh weather conditions and other harmful elements of nature. Make sure you get right size and shapes for your furniture.

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Change the location of your outdoor furniture as per weather

If you have patio furniture placed on the edge of your patio, consider changing their location when a storm comes. Same wise in hot sunny days, place them in the centre of the patio to minimize the effect.

Removing the rust at frequent intervals

When it comes to protecting your metal outdoor furniture, timely cleaning is important. When not in use, rust is developed on your grills which is also an investment for you. When you need to cook food in it, you must clean it properly, otherwise, your food will get contaminated. However, a rusty grill will not function properly, even if you want to cook food in it. With the help of many home remedies, you can remove rust from the grill. After removing the rust, apply a coat of layer or oil to protect it from any rust in future.

Remove cushions at night

If you are using removable cushions in your patio furniture they should be kept indoors at night. Their fabric might get damaged under the cold temperature at night. You should also keep them inside when there is raining at day time. Cover them with a plastic sheet to keep them free from dust.

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Knowing in advance about how to protect your outside furniture from weather conditions always prove beneficial if you want to avoid unnecessary repairing cost on your furniture.

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