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Innovative tips to make your home more cozy this winter

Simple tips to make your home more cozy

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Having a cosy home is everyone’s dream. By redecorating your home, you can turn it the cosiest place on this earth. Your home will look warmer than before and you will enjoy staying at home. Especially in this winter, you should try every bit to make your home cosy. In fact, irrespective of the season, whether it is summer or winter, your home should be cosy enough to give you that comfort every person needs. Here are a few simple tips to make your home cosy with minimum investment.


Furniture is an important part of your home decoration. Buy upholstered furniture, which is the epitome of style, comfort and luxury. This will immediately set the tone for a cosy home in your space.

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By changing your living room fabric you can bring the cosy home feeling because fabric creates a lot of impact in the minds of people. You can choose to change the pillow covers or cushion covers of your sofa with a bold black-and-cream coloured one. It will create a contrast effect if you have a natural coloured linen-covered sofa, chairs, and ottoman.

A rustic table would create a significant cosiness in your living room. It can be a coffee table or centre table of medium size. It will become a focal point in your living space and will attract a lot of attention.

Giving a vintage treatment of your home decor

Any sort of accessories from the past or colonial periods leaves a mesmerizing effect on your living space. It creates a different charm all together and creates some amount of cosiness. Adding them will offer a personal touch to any room. Visit a few of the antique stores in your city and collect them as much as possible.

Old artisan craftsmanship style which was popular in the days of 20’s and 30’s for example ceiling rosettes is a wonderful example to bring the feeling of a cosy home. Now they are readily available in various home improvement stores. They are often painted in the shades of yellow and bring an instant effect to any room.

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The advantage is that they are lightweight and easy to hang on the wall. Thus, furniture is a wonderful element to bring an instant effect to your living space if done in the right manner.

Displaying old family pictures

This is an easy and comfortable way to bring the feeling of a cosy home. Your guests would also like to see old pictures of you and your family. That itself creates some form of cosiness. While hanging them, try displaying them in different heights with different sized photos.

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Create a sculpture from your own garden

By incorporating a sculpture like the tabletop frame from your own backyard garden is a creative idea to invite cosiness to your home. Instead of spending much, you can collect spindly branches from your own garden and create a tabletop vignette. You can exercise your imagination by adding a few things to it. This will instantly give the picture of a cosy home. 

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Mixing and matching always work well when it comes to decorating your home. Keep one element as central and mix styles by way of incorporating various accessories. In bedroom areas, it leaves the maximum effect.

Concentrate on your entry

Keep a welcome doormat in your entry. It adds a feeling of warmth to your space and creates a cosy home effect. A small rug is another element which goes well in everywhere. Instead of buying heavy rugs, you choose a soft, machine washable rug for easy maintenance and it will improve the look of your cosy home.

Warming up your windows also leaves a profound effect and bring cosiness to any place. Curtains not only brings beauty to your place but at the same time they save you from cold winds in the winter. Keep the curtains long so that they can touch the floor, they leave a look better than the curtains just hanging in the window frame. Choose a warm, heavy good-looking fabric for your drapes.

Bedroom decor

Coming to your dining room, you can add seat cushions if you have an empty chair seat in your home. This will reflect a cosy home. Sitting in the chair will be more comfortable if you add cushions. Add tablecloths, runners and placemats to improve the look of your cosy home. Bedsheets in the bedroom is another aspect of adding cosiness to your room. You will love to crawl into your lovely bed after a tiring day and we all love to do this. For this, you should choose light linens with cosier fabrics.

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Adding a duvet cover is also another angle to bring that comfort look to your bedroom. Add some cosy quilt on the top of your duvet is another way to invite cosiness to your bedroom.

Experiment these simple tips to make your home cosy this new year and make a new beginning of your life.

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