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7 remarkable ideas to decorate a windowless room

Tips to decorate a windowless room

A window is a source of natural light in a room. Natural light that enters in a room through a window brightens the room. A windowless room lacks light and natural brightness. However with correct paint, minimalist decor items and right furniture, a dull windowless room can be transformed into a fabulous space. Following are some of the ideas to decorate a windowless room:

Light paint on walls

As you know that a windowless room lacks natural light, so paint your room in light shades and pastel colors like white, off-white, lemon or peach. Go for semi-gloss and reflective paints. These colors will enhance the brightness level in your room. (Image Source:

Full length mirror on wall

Mirrors make a space appear larger than it is, and more open. Position the mirror at such a place where it reflects the most light. E.g. if you have a floor lamp in you room, then hang a mirror on the wall just opposite to the lamp. (Image source:

Glass door instead of a wood door

The advantage of a glass door is that it makes the room appear more open. So substitute your solid wood door for a semi-glass one. This way the outside light (from nearby rooms) will also come in the windowless room. (Image source:

Minimalist decore and sleek furniture


Choose sleek and minimalist decor items for a windowless room, e.g. a tall and lean floor lamp will be a good choice. Pick furniture that complements your room. Go for sleek and skinny designs so that the room does not feel crowded. Say no to boxy pieces as they block light. Settle for leggy furniture as they create a sense of space and light and make a room look more open and airy. Choose wall shelf instead of floor shelf to save space. (Image Source:

Secondary storage furniture

A windowless room lacks brightness and appears dull. So when the spaces is that tight and gloomy, it is important to pick items that are multifunctional. Save floor space by selecting furniture with storage included like ottomans, tables with drawers and shelves or a bed with secondary storage.

Creative  lighting 

Lighting plays a big role in creating the right ambiance in a room. Light up the corners by hanging bulbs from the ceiling. Add light source behind the furniture like sofa, bed or book shelf to create a view that light is coming from outside.

An artificial window on wall

Paint a bright sky mural on one wall and design an artificial window around it. Add few light bulbs across the pseudo window. This simulation of window will brighten up your room. (Image Source:

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You can follow these ideas to decorate a windowless room and for more ideas about home decoration, you can follow Mr. Right Ideas.

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