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7 Innovative ideas for decorating empty corners of your home

Empty corners decoration ideas

You stare at the empty corners of your home and feel that something is missing. A corner can be the most ignored place in the house. But it can be converted into the most creative place of your house. Corner is not just for keeping shoe rack or leaving it empty. A lot can be done to give the silent corners of your home a creative makeover. But it is not necessary to modify each and every corner of your home. Just revise one or two of them and give a new look to your home. Here are 7 smart ideas for decorating empty corners of your home:

Creative writing corner

Put a nice writing table-chair set and transform your boring corner place into useful zone. Place the table diagonally. You can also beautify it with a floor lamp or a pendant lamp. Add few lush green plants and antique pottery. You can also add a wall book shelve and showcase your favorite books. This entire set up will give the corner an antique and artistic look. (Picture source:

In-house library corner

If you are a book lover and want a cozy place to enjoy your novels than you are lucky. Pick an underestimated corner in your home. Place a comfortable chair and a floor lamp set. Enhance the comfort of chair by throwing one or two colorful cushions and a warm blanket or shawl. Add a floor book shelf or rack and showcase your novel collection. This way your unnoticed corner will get transformed into an in-house library. (Picture source: )

An art wall corner

Transform your shoe rack corner into an art corner. Cover the whole walls with beautiful family pictures or hand made paintings, mirrors or empty artistic frames. Place a nice piece of old styled chair and throw an impressive cushions on it. Hang a nice pendent lamp from the ceiling. Stack some of your favorite novels and books on the floor and give a touch of casual sophistication. (Picture Source:

Majestic chair corner

Majestic chairs are perfect match for your corners. Such type of chairs give a royal look to the neglected corners. Add one or two such high back chairs( depending upon the space available) and a nice stool or coffee table. Throw a couple of cushions and a soft throw to enhance the comfort of chair/s. Complement the set up with a carpet, floor lamp, a healthy green plant and few wall paintings. Enjoy your evening or late night tea or read a novel while resting on these queenly chair. (Picture Source:

Game Lovers corner

If your are a chess lover, then that overlooked corner is the perfect place to dedicate to your chess board. Place an old fashioned table with a pair comfortable chairs set up in the corner. Showcase your wooden or stone chess board puzzle on the table. Add few calming wall paintings and a simple pendent light falling from ceiling. Other game option can be carom setup. (Picture Source:

Kids corner

A corner play area is an intelligent option if you have little ones playing around. Cover the floor with a soft colorful carpet, place a shelf or chest for storing kids books and toys. Stand a color broad where your little ones can showcase their piece of work. Arrange their indoor games like snake and ladder, carom, monopoly etc.  This way your silent lonely corner will get modified into a cheerful play  area. (Picture Source

Keep it simple corner

You can keep your corner simple by placing your old unused table in the corner. Dress up your table with a fancy table cloth. Keep your land-line telephone on it. Place a few note pads and stationary to note down message. Add a little glamour by adding an antique blue pottery or a flower vase.

You can also go for a sleek floor shelf in the corner and decorate a few pots and artifact on it. (Picture Source:

Whichever idea you implement, each one will add charm to your home. You do not need to buy an expensive furniture to revise your home. There are other cheaper options for  decorating empty corners of your home like look for the old unused furniture in your garage, get them repaired and polished. Embellish your old chair with a fancy cushion. Adorn your  table with a cheerful and lacy  table cloth etc. Show a little creativity and innovation while decorating your home

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