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11 Ways to Show Love to Your Best Friend

show love to your best friend

  A best friend is someone who you probably treat like a sister. She is the person who you would want to spend some of your best and worst moments with. You probably tell her that you love her every chance you get, and it is a good thing to do so. However, it somehow sounds a little cliché. As they say, action speaks louder than words, finding ways to show her your love goes a long way in cementing the message. 

Here are 11 ways that you can show love to your best friend: 

1. Be there for her

Life is full of ups and downs. It is in our low moments that we need someone to give us social support. If your friend is going through a setback in life, be there to lend a shoulder to cry on. If she needs some guidance or advice, be sure to share your wisdom with her

2. Support her dreams

We all have dreams and aspirations we want to achieve in life. All we sometimes need is a little push and support to get them in motion. For your friend, it may be a bit different and more difficult. However, try to support your friend differently to reach her goals by cheering her on. If she needs to pay for a course, give her a financial boost. If she can’t tell what she wants to pursue in life, help her figure it out.

3. Gift her 

I haven’t seen a girl who doesn’t love receiving gifts, and your friend is no exception. Find her a unique gift that will show your personal connection. Quote necklaces are always a good choice when it comes to this. Remember that you don’t need a special occasion to give her; every now and then is a good time to give your best friend. 

4. Love the people she loves 

It is one thing to show love to your friend, and it is another to show her that you love the people that she loves. The latter makes a bigger statement of your love for her. Extend love to friends, family members,  her husband as well as her kids. If she needs to run an errand or go away on a business trip, offer to babysit her kids.

5. Engaging in different activities together 

Your bond is strengthened when you spend time together with your friend. Just sitting down listening to her endless stories or corny jokes goes to show her that you love her enough to take time off your busy schedule to be with her. Or you could use this time for some fun activity, such as indoor gardening. You could turn this indoor activity into something bonding and cheerful. Just make sure you equip your room with grow lights to ensure your plants grow and bless you with their beautiful blooming. 

6. Keep her secrets 

Everyone has a secret, and your friend has probably shared some of hers with you. Be a trusted friend by keeping as it is, a secret. Be sure to let her in on some of your own.

7. Offer protection  

Girls are sometimes defenseless. They sometimes wish they had a stronger and bolder friend to help her fight some of her battles. Be that friend, defend her whenever she needs it.

8. Give in to her 

If your friend is younger than you, it is natural to want your opinions and ideas to dominate. However, it doesn’t hurt to let her win sometimes. Besides showing her that you trust her wisdom, you could be surprised that her ideas turn out to be better than yours.

9. Forgive her easily 

They say the error is to humans and to forgive is divine. The relationship with your friend could be far from perfect. She will wrong you sometimes. However, it is the ability to forgive her that will show her just how much your relationship matters to you.

10. Share in her interests 

You may have different interests from your friend, but when you make an effort to do something that she loves, she sees your love and support. Get down to painting, dancing, creating songs with music making software or playing video games with your friend. She will beat you at it, but what matters is that you get to spend time with her. 

11. Do projects together 

A project done with both your ideas is bound to be more successful than when you would do it alone. Join hands with her on a common project. It could be as big as renovating your parents’ or her parent’s house or as small as solving a puzzle. 


Showing love to your friend should be an endless endeavor that you need to intentionally pursue. Never miss an opportunity to show love to your best friend. Seek to make lasting memories every chance that you get. 

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