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Common problems and solutions regarding mosquito bats

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As the summers are coming, the number of mosquitoes buzzing around you is also going to increase. So it is important to be prepared to deal with them in advance. There are numerous types of mosquito repellants/ killers available these days that you can use. You can use a liquid vapouriser, a spray, a mosquito net, or a mosquito bat. If you are using a mosquito bat, there are some slight chances of you facing some problems with them after using them for a while. It is not a big issue though, as every electrical appliance you use may run into problems with regular usage. You can fix most of the problems easily on your own. We have prepared a list of some common problems and solutions regarding mosquito bats to help you out. Let’s check them in detail. 

Problems and solutions regarding mosquito bats

When it comes to mosquito bats, there are some basic common problems that you might encounter. Most of the problems are related to the battery or the net/mesh. These problems are easy to follow and you can fix them easily. Mosquito bats have a PCB circuit and if you are fixing them on your own, it is important to be very cautious. Direct contact with the open wires, capacitors, and other parts can be lethal. So, it is recommended to be careful while fixing, use the right tools, and wear rubber gloves. 

1. Sparking in nets even without mosquitos:

One of the most common problems mosquito bats is sparkling in the nets/mesh as soon as you turn it on. Sometimes, there are flickering sounds in the net constantly, even when there are no mosquitoes. These issues can affect the functioning and life of the bat. This issue usually occurs when the nets are dents in the mesh. When the nets are dented or depressed, the three layers of the mesh come in contact with each other. When the outer meshes come in touch with the central mesh, sparks start to leak from their contact point. This results in constant sparking/ flickering in the nets when you turn it on.

To solve this problem, the first step is to turn off the mosquito bat and check the net/ mesh. Turn on the bat in darkness, and check for any sparkle from the net. It will tell you the location of the dent/depression. After you find the spot of issue, turn off the bat and straighten the dented mesh with the help of a screwdriver. Once you have fixed it, check if the device is working properly. In case nothing works, contact the manufacturer of the bat and let them know about the problem. If your bat is within its warranty period, you might get it fixed for free or replaced or returned. 

2. No sparking or power in the mesh:

In case your mosquito bat is not working i.e., there is no sparking or power in the net/mesh of the bat, it may be due to battery issues. The main reasons behind it are that either the battery is exhausted or it is damaged and is not in a working condition anymore. To solve this issue, your first step should be to plug in the bat for charging. Charge it for 2-3 hours and then check if it’s working. If the bat is still not working, chances are that the battery is damaged and is unresponsive to the charging. So, you just need to replace it with a new battery and your mosquito bat is good to use once again. 

3. Not charging:

If you charge the battery of your mosquito bat for an appropriate time but the battery is still not charged, it may be damaged and not usable anymore. Battery charging issues have two main reasons i.e., a damaged battery and a faulty capacitor. The primary capacitor of the bat creates a transformerless power supply while the secondary capacitor handles suppressed output voltage. The high voltage capacitor that creates the power supply is primarily responsible for battery charging. If the battery is not charging, the capacitor may be defective or the voltage may not be enough for the charging.

In either case, check the voltage on the points leading to the battery terminals and replace the capacitor with a new one. Make sure to check the voltage again after installing the new capacitor. Remember to be very cautious while checking the voltage as the transformerless capacitor can be lethal if you come in direct contact with it. It is suggested not to try fixing the circuit board on your own if you have zero knowledge about PCB boards and how to fix them. 

Following are some recommended mosquito bat parts for you:

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  2. e-infinity e-Clouds 4 Volt 500 mAh 0.5 Ampere RB405 Mosquito Zapper Function VRLA Battery
  3. Nktronics 4 Volt 500ma .5a Sealed Lead Acid Type Battery

4. Buttons not working:

Mosquito bats have many buttons for basic functionality from the outside. There is a power button to turn the bat on and off. The other one is to change its function between standby mode or killer mode or LED light mode, in case the bat has a LED light. Common button problems include: buttons being stuck or suppressed inside or just not working even after pressing them.

To fix them, you will need to open the bat enclosure and check if the switch is damaged. In case of a damaged switch, you need to disconnect it from the relevant connecting wires and check if the switch terminals have power continuity. Replace the damaged switch with a new one and connect it back to the relevant wires before closing up the bat. If the buttons are just stuck or suppressed, you can just clear any obstructions and put them back in their position properly.

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5. The power light is not working:

There are usually two small lights on the mosquito bat, near the buttons. One represents charging and the other turns on when the power is on. If either one or both of the lights are not working, chances are that they are disconnected from their connecting wires. Another reason can be that the light has just fused and cannot be used anymore. Though these lights don’t affect the functioning of the bat, you can fix them if you want. You just need to open up the bat and connect the lights with their relevant wirings. Check if it’s working after connecting the wires and then close up the bat. 


The problems and solutions regarding mosquito bats mentioned above are quite common and easy to fix. However, even though mosquito bat is a small device and fixing it at your home is quite easy, it is not always recommended. If you have no prior knowledge about electrical circuits and wirings, it is better to get it fixed by someone who is an expert. Most of the manufacturers provide after-sales services during the warranty period.

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