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Top tips and suggestions for cleaning leatherite

cleaning leatherite

Image Credits: Pixabay

Leatherite is quickly becoming a very popular material which is used in most of our houses and workplaces. Be it for furniture pieces or clothing materials, leatherite not just looks elegant but also rich.  But leatherite requires a lot of maintenance and cleaning on a regular basis so that it can continue looking in its top form.  We use this material not just in homes and offices but also in automobiles and several other places. It is basically leather like vinyl material which doesn’t really require leather cleaner to clean it. Infact you can easily clean it yourself and that too without any commercial cleaners. Follow the following tips and suggestions for cleaning leatherite:

1. Step 1 for cleaning leatherite: vacuum it properly

The first thing that you need to do for cleaning leatherite is its proper dusting. This can be done by using a vacuum cleaner as this helps to remove all the debris and dust which keeps accumulating on leatherite on a daily basis.  If there are any cushions or other upholstery pieces, make sure you remove them for proper cleaning of the leatherite. If you cannot use vacuum cleaner daily, then you must atleast dust the leatherite using a towel or rag to remove excess dust.

Image Credits: Wikimedia Commons

2. Step 2 for cleaning leatherite: wipe using soap solution

The next step that you need to follow is using a little bit of liquid soap solution to wipe the leatherite furniture. Make sure you mix the soap with warm water in a bowl. Then dip a rag or hand towel in it for cleaning.  Remove all the excess water in the towel before using it to clean the surface. Follow a particular motion either vertical or horizontal to clean the surface.

Image Credits: Max Pixel

3. Step 3 for cleaning leatherite: wipe using plain water

The next thing that you need to do for cleaning leatherite is wiping the entire surface with a towel or rag which has been dipped in plain water. This helps to remove any excess soapy solution which gets attached to the leatherite. After this, give the leatherite time to dry properly.

4. Step 4 for cleaning leatherite: use a cotton swab

Often leatherite back sides and bed supporters have indentations and dirty grooves on it which may not get cleaned using towel alone. Thus using a cotton swab to do so can prove effective. You can use cotton swabs around areas such as tufted cushions and buttons etc.  These areas must be paid special attention and detailing too since they accumulate the maximum dust and dirt.

Now that you know the various steps to clean leatherite, you can easily follow them at home every now and then. However if you wish to get a more thorough finish and maintenance, you can always contact a professional to do this job.  Leatherite must be maintained on a regular basis to extend its life and to make it look shiny and clean.

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