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Top 5 Health Benefits of carpet cleaning and maintenance

Benefits of carpet cleaning and maintenance

When it comes to cleaning carpets, most of us find excuses to either delay it or avoid it altogether. Afterall, it is a tedious task that not only takes time but also a lot of energy. But it is hard to ignore the many health benefits of keeping your carpets well maintained and clean. Periodic cleaning either on your own or by using help of a professional cleaner can considerably make a difference to your health as well as that of your family. The following are a few of the main health benefits of carpet cleaning:

Cleaning or vacuuming carpets can remove several particles and contaminants and this indirectly helps to improve the quality of air in the house.  Hence one of the health benefits of carpet cleaning is better air quality. What happens is that if not cleaned every now and then, the contaminants can settle deep into the surface of the carpet and may pose a risk to those suffering from asthma and other kind of allergies.

Besides dust and dirt, there are many other seriously harmful pollutants and particles that your carpet might be trapping. These include pet dander, lead and even cockroach allergens.  These pollutants can prove to be toxic to your health and that of your family. Thus removing them periodically is suggested and can lead to health benefits of carpet cleaning. Special shampoo formula and high power vacuum cleaners used by professionals can help remove these efficiently.

If your carpets are exposed to moisture or if you live in areas where the humidity level is high, then there is a strong chance that the carpets may develop mold growth. When it rains or snows outside, the moisture tends to get trapped indoors and seeps deep into carpets. But if they are cleaned regularly or vacuumed immediately, then this can be prevented.

It is true that you can see the bigger dirt particles on carpets but it is difficult to see the microscopic dust particles and the feces they leave behind. When the area that is infested by these allergens is disturbed, the particles are released into the air and are inhaled. This can cause breathing and other kinds of health problems. But if one opts for professional cleaning, these problems can be prevented.

You might find it safe for your toddler to crawl or play on the carpet but the fact is that any kind of rug, mat or carpet is a haven of disease and infection-causing allergens and thus extremely harmful for your baby.  When kids crawl of the carpets and then put the fingers in their mouth, they are basically taking various kinds of particles inside which can lead to harmful infections. The best way to avoid this is to clean the carpets as often as possible and prevent children from playing on them. follow these points and enjoy the many health benefits of carpet cleaning.


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