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How to clean a leather bag

clean an art leather purse

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Leather is definitely one of the most popular bag material choice for most of us. But this material often tends to get stained or dirty due to its usage. If you own a leather bag then you must know that without cleaning and maintenance, the bag can lose its sheen and finish pretty fast. This is why it is important that you give it a good cleaning session every once in a while. But since they are really delicate, you must follow certain guidelines and tips to clean leather bags carefully.  Doing so will help you keep them looking new for a long time and may also help extend their life. The following are some tips and suggestions on how to clean a leather bag.

1. Use nail polish remover for stains and scuffs

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2. Use cornstarch or baking soda for oil and grease marks

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3. Use lemon juice and cream of tartar

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4. After cleaning tips

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Now that you know the various ways to clean a leather bag, you can maintain all your bags easily at home.  You will be surprised to know that there are several professional handbag cleaning services as well. If you wish to get your leather handbag cleaned, dry cleaned or repaired, you can contact Mr Right and avail such services.

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