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Make your marble floor marvelous with 4 simple cleaning tips

Marble floor cleaning tips

Marble provides royal luster to your flooring. A clean and spotless marble floor enhances the glory of your room. But to keep this marble floor looking its best, you have keep up with regular care. There are a number of cleaning tips for marble floors to keep them clean and marvelous.

Marble is a sensitive stone. It is highly porous in nature and quickly absorbs stains. Also its softness makes it susceptible to cracks and abrasion.

Here are some simple cleaning tips for marble floors to take care of your regal marble flooring:

Use micro-fiber broom for sweeping

Do not let dust sit on marble for long. Sweep the floor daily with a micro-fiber broom. Do not be harsh on your floor and sweep the floor gently. This is simple and most cost-effective way to keep marble floor clean. Place door mats in high traffic areas and protect your floor from dirt and dust.

Use mild soapy solution for mopping

Use mild soapy solution to mop your marble floor. Fill a bucket with luke warm water and add a small quantity of dish washing liquid soap, like Vim dish liquid and clean the floor. This soapy solution is mild enough to treat your marble floor with special care, as well as help remove tough grime at the same time. Use a soft mop (preferably soft cotton cloth) and wipe the floor applying gentle strokes. Please take care that the mop is not too wet because marble is porous in nature and may absorb the extra water, leaving water marks to form on the floor.

Things you will need for marble floor cleaning:

Use marble cleaning solution for tough stains

If the floors are dirtier than normal and require something stronger than mild soap solution, add a small amount of marble cleaning solution into cleaning water. There are some good quality marble floor cleaners available in market. Always follow manufacturer’s instruction printed at the backside of the bottle. Some good quality marble cleaners are lizol and Mr. Muscle marble floor cleaner.

Dab the spill immediately to avoid stains

Dab (rather than wipe) any spill on marble floor with a soft cotton cloth. Blot immediately and do not let the spill stay for long. If required clean spill with mild soapy solution or use the best handheld vacuum for pet hair before doing so. Gently rub the stain in straight lines. Don’t scrub in a circular motion, as this could damage the marble

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