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Easy ways to clean a shower head

shower head cleaning

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Due to constant usage and over a period of time, all the bathroom fittings including the shower head can begin to appear rustic and may not perform as it used to. Mineral deposits can get built up and the nozzles may get clogged.  This may lead to low water flow and pressure. Moreover this also deteriorates the overall look of the fittings. Therefore it is important to clean the shower head on a regular basis so that not only does it look good but also performs well. This is why we have brought you a list of tips and suggestions to clean a shower head effectively.

1. Rub the nozzles

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2. Use vinegar to clean the shower head

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3. Clean the filter screen

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4. Use commercial cleaning products

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Now that you know the various ways to clean a shower head, you can easily maintain yours on your own. These products require regular cleaning and maintenance so as to get the best out of them. Deposits can really hamper the appearance of shower fittings including shower heads. If you wish to get yours cleaned professionally, you can contact Mr Right for its commercial cleaning services.

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