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Best shoe storage solutions at home

Shoe storage solutions and hacks

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Compared to men, women and girls have lots of shoes as they are by nature fashion trendy and love to experiment unique styles. Styles are ever evolving and as a result of this, the number of your shoes keep increasing over time and then maintaining them is an issue. However, with some simple tips and tactics, you can arrange your shoes with care. It is needless to have so many shoe racks at your home as buying them in a frequent interval is a costly affair. So, with little ideas in your mind, you can arrange your shoe racks easily at home.

With little tips and tactics, you can develop your own shoe storage solution at your home, you will not have to spend much in buying a costly shoe storage cabinet. All you need some extra space at your place and you can apply your creative mind to it. Let us see some innovative shoe storage solutions and hacks at your home.

Painted wooden crates

Get some wooden shelves built from old wood lying unused and get them painted and attach them to the wall wherever you find convenient. They will look good as shoe racks and the storage of your shoes will not be a problem.

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Big storage box

You can put your shoes in a big storage box, for example, if you have any old trunk lying unused, you can put your shoes inside them. It will work equal to shoe racks and it is ideal for storing all types of shoes.

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Shop leather

Using an old unused shop leather to keep your heels and showcased them is an easy shoe storage solution.

Hanger with pegs

This is a perfect shoe storage solution, a way to showcase your flat ballets or any flat sandals.

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Making shoe racks out of a cardboard box

You can make beautiful shoe racks out of a cardboard box lying on your home. You can divide them into many compartments according to the style and pattern of your shoes and arrange them.

Do it yourself

You can try your hand at making shoe racks out of PVC tubes from the hardware store. Buy them in large numbers and glued them together with a superior quality adhesive and put in one corner of your home. This shoe storage solution will accommodate many of your shoes.

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Bookshelves as shoe racks

Any old bookshelves and shelving units can be turned into shoe racks beautifully. You can display some of the shoes and store them as well with care.

Hanging bench

The bench you do reading and writing something or may take your breakfast or relax for some time. Get something installed on the bench and keep your shoes. This shoe storage solution will definitely not look bad.

Curtain rod

It can be a wonderful shoe storage solution if you can use a curtain rod at your home which is not currently in use and hang your shoes in it.

Shoes in the buckets

Keeping your shoes in the buckets also can be an innovative shoe storage solution. Get some coloured buckets and store them inside a cabinet is also a good option.

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Get some flip-flop hangers

Another shoe storage solution can be arranging your summer sandals which are low heels and flats in flip-flop hangers which are readily available in the market. This inexpensive shoe storage solution will give your collection a neat and tidy look.

Store under the bed

You can store them under the bed. Get a plastic bedside organizer to keep your shoes under the bed. It will hide them and will save your space needed to keep shoe racks.

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Depending on your family members you will have several types of shoes at home. Buying shoe racks one after another is a costly affair and it will take space to keep them. These are space saving and inexpensive shoe storage solutions and hacks you should take note of.

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