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Affordable ways to upgrade your living room

Affordable ways to upgrade your living room

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Your living room is the heart of your home where some of the major discussions held. Your family, friends, relatives and your guests love to sit here and engage in various discussions and therefore this part of your home needs special attention. Everyone loves to decorate their drawing room because this will create the first impressions in the minds of the visitors when they enter your home. Now the question is how to do it affordably without burning your pocket because this is something you would like to renovate in regular intervals and you should not send much every time you want to give it a makeover. With the help of these easy and inexpensive tips, you will know how to affordably upgrade your living room-

Rearranging the Furniture

Changing the setting of your furniture will easily help you to upgrade a room. You can instantly change the look of your drawing room by doing this. It is free of cost idea and you can satisfy your mind by seeing the fresh look and feel it gives to your room. So, move your furniture at frequent intervals to please your eyes and satiate your minds.

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However, if you have little space and you cannot move all the furniture, then you can think to rearrange our accessories and bookshelf display. This will also leave quite a profound effect in your living room.

Resort to painting

Painting is an easy option to bring the desired effect in your living room and it will not cost you heavily your time and money. You can exercise your creativity while painting and you have numerous options. You can paint the whole room in a uniform colour or you can paint only a feature wall. You can experiment some type of design such as stripes, chevrons, or stencil work. So it will give you various options to paint your drawing room.

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Changing the Lampshades

Lampshades or decorating lamps are a wonderful way to bring the spark in your drawing room. They create a significant impact in the minds of people, you just try changing the lampshades and it will change your mind.

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With this, there are so many options available, and depending on the theme of your living room, depending on your taste and preferences, you can try your imagination.

Introducing pillows and throwing blankets

Introducing pillows and throwing blankets in your living room is another way to achieve the look you want for your home. They will add colour and texture and improvise the look of your drawing room area.

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Depending on the season, you should add them, for example in the winter days you put the heavy, dark pillows and throws and replace them with light pillows and throws blankets in the summer will simply help to achieve the atmosphere.

Applying artwork

This you can do in many ways, either you can rearrange the existing artwork pieces you have in your living room.Whatever you hang on the wall leaves an enormous impact in the minds of the people. An inexpensive way is to buy washi tape and apply them to the wall of your drawing room or you can frame wallpaper or frame pages from the old books. This is just a myth which says that artwork must be expensive to create the effect.

Check your setting once again

After you finished rearranging the living room, try to check your arrangements because if you accommodate too many things in a room, it will look very small and untidy. If you find it so, remove some items to lighten the space. So, editing your drawing room is a thing you must consider.


After getting these tips about how to affordably upgrade your living room, you must have realized one thing that remodelling your living room is not an expensive task. Search in the market or online a few cheap yet good looking decorating ideas and you will get many tips. You can create a gallery wall with your old family photos as well. Give the windows a makeover. Get some chandeliers which are affordable and adjust them properly. Spray paint a side table or small chair or stool, or any small piece of furniture in your living room to give a unique look. Paint your doors is also an option to bring uniqueness. Put carpet rugs which are very affordable now a day online.


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