9 tips for keeping common cold at bay!

Common cold! Unfortunately, is one of the most common things you can find across the globe. Around 200 types of bacteria can cause common cold and 40% of the common colds are caused by bacteria called Rhinoviruses. Rhinovirus infections are mostly mild and self-limited, thus, cure is generally focused on symptomatic relief and prevention of further spreading the virus.
To lower your chances of getting infected:
1. Remember to wash hands after clearing nose, using the bathroom, preparing food, eating, sneezing etc.

Washing hands to stay away from bacteria and viruses
2. Misty and dull weather conditions favour bacteria growth and transmission chances. Bacteria, with the help of micro-droplets in the air, remain in the atmosphere longer and this is the time when you’re most likely to catch common cold. Try to stay indoors in such weather or use a respirator.

Misty weather can lead to common cold
3. Take extra care when in public places like malls, trains, etc. Preferably, use a respirator mask if you’re prone to common colds.

People using pollution mask
4. Conventional heaters tend to dry the air in the room. This air dries up the mucus in the nostrils, resulting in reduction in the ability of mucus to stop bacteria and viruses from entering into our bodies. So, make sure you don’t stay long in such environment.

Conventional heaters also cause common cold
5. Keep your environment sterile – your priority should be to disinfect commonly touched surfaces such as door knobs, sink handles, etc. with rubbing alcohol or any other EPA approved disinfectant.

Disinfecting most touched areas to kill germs
6. Kill the germs by using instant hand sanitizers.

Using hand sanitizer can prevent cold
7. Don’t use towels placed in public restrooms. Use paper towels instead.

Using tissue paper to avoid transmitting germs
8. Doctors recommend 8 glasses of water per day. Staying dehydrated makes the mucus drier and thicker, thus, not able to cope against incoming bacteria and viruses.

Being hyderated during common cold is important
9. Consume a healthy diet with plenty of vitamins and minerals to optimize your immune health. Fruits are a great source of vitamins. If having fruits are not possible, take multivitamin tablets.

Vitamin rich food


Common cold generally last 8-10 days, consult a doctor if it persists any longer.

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