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Set top box relocation: tips and steps

set top box relocation

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A set top box is a commonly found device in people’s homes these days. This device helps us watch our favourite TV channels through satellite transmission and works along with the dish that is installed on our terraces or balconies.  However in some cases when you are shifting or when you need to change the position of your set top box, you may need to know the exact procedure or steps of relocation.This is why we have brought you a list of tips and steps to follow for set top box relocation and they are given as follows:

1. Contact the service provider

If you are someone who is moving to a new location or address then it is possible that you can get your existing set top box connection transferred or relocated. However this may depend upon your service provider and also on the feasibility of relocation to the new location. This is why you must contact your satellite TV service provider and talk to them about the relocation. You will have to provide them with the details of your request and new address and they will then check the possibility or feasibility of it.

For example, in cases where the provider doesnt offer its services, he may not be able to help with relocation and you may have to get a new connection altogether.

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2. Moving the connection

In case the relocation is possible, the following steps may be followed:

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3. If the set top box relocation is not feasible

In some cases, set top box relocation may not be possible, depending upon the new location and other factors. This is what will happen in this case:

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Now that you know the steps to take and the procedure to follow for set top box relocation, you can easily shift base without having to worry about anything. Make sure you contact the technicians or service provider on time so that the process goes smoothly and you don’t have to wait much. For any kind of DTH installation or DTH relocation services, you can contact Mr Right.

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