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Best ways to choose DTH service provider

choosing DTH service provider

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These days, there are a number of DTH service providers available for use.  DTH stands for Direct to home and is a connection which provides you access to TV channel and uses digital satellites to transmit services to users.  This system needs an external disk to be installed in the house of those who wish to use it. if you are interested in choosing a DTH service provider for yourself but are confused among so many options, then the following given points will prove to be useful for you.

1. Check all the channels that are being provided.

The first thing that you need to do is to check all the channels that are being provided to you by different DTH service providers. Different providers may provide different channels. Make sure you select one which provides the maximum channels for package price and all the channels that you specifically want are included in it.

2. Check the package plans offered by the DTH service provider

Another thing you need to check to choose the best DTH Company is the package plans offered by different providers.  See and study all the plans properly and see if they suit your needs and preferences. Then check the prices and compare plans of varied companies to decide which one works the best for you and your family.  While some providers allow you to change the plans easily, others don’t so do consider this as well when choosing.

3. Check the process of installation

You must also know about the process of installation of the dish and the set top box. Prefer a company which has an easy and convenient installation process. Also check if the company is asking for an extra cost of installation. It is better to go for one which doesn’t charge extra for the installation.  Also check that if in future you wish to change the location of the dish, would that be for free or for an added cost.

4. Service ease and costs must be checked

While choosing a DTH service provider, you must also check the service costs and the ease with each service can be availed after the process of installation. The service must be easy to request and the customer service centre must be user friendly. This adds to your overall experience with the company and is something you would need every now and then. Also check if they demand extra charges for services.

5. DTH portability option

In case you wish to change your operator in the future, you must make sure whether the current provider offers the option of portability on the same set top box or not. Ask all questions related to portability beforehand.

Image Credits: Wikipedia

Now that you know the various ways to choose DTH service provider, you won’t face a problem with the same. It is always better to compare and do proper research rather than just jump in with the first provider you find.

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