4 common problems with your television

TV repair service in Delhi NCR

It is weekend and your favorite TV show is just about to start.  But suddenly you see that your television is not functioning properly. Not being able to watch your favorite TV programme  is very annoying. It takes away the fun of the moment.

Common problems with TV

This write- up brings to you  few common problems with television and their immediate solutions:

  1. Television turns on and off by itself : This is a very common problem with televisions. Try the following to solve it:
    • Unplug the TV from the electrical outlet. Keep it without power for a minute and then plug it back. Sometimes resetting the system can bring it back to function.
    • Remove the devices like remote controls/ extenders placed near your television as infrared signals emitted by them might be interfering with the TV.
    • Change the batteries in the remote control
  2. Picture discoloration and distortion: Sometimes the TV starts normally but after sometimes the picture gets distorted or discoloration occurs. To solve this switch off the TV and unplug from the socket. Keep it in power off mode for a minute and then plug it back and turn on the power. If possible check the TV with other video source like a DVD player or gaming options like play station/Xbox. If the picture is still distorted, this means your television needs a repair.
  3. TV has picture but no sound or sound without pictureThis can be due to simple problems in the sound or picture setting.  So check the sound and picture settings of  your TV
  4. A colored vertical /horizontal line is displayed at the one end of the screenThis can be due to the magnetic waves coming from the speakers or other electronic devices placed near the TV. So move them  away from your TV. Unplug the television for a while and then turn it on. See if it works
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One advice is that always keep the manual/guide that you get with your television. It is of great help in such situations.

But if nothing works than call for professional help.

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Stay Happy! Stay Blessed!

Team Mr. Right

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    My sister recently moved, and she noticed her tv has a vertical line on the display. It says here that this could be because of the speaker’s magnetic waves. I’ll let her know to call a technician to repair it.

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    Hi my name is shiju. I want to know one thhing.we are using Samsung tv. Suddenly the tv is shwoing only white picture aound and every thing is clear. Can u pls tell me what is the reason

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