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How to write college essay?

Modern sociocultural conditions, integration of education necessitate the introduction to the educational programs of such type of writing works as essays, this is aimed at activation of educational and cognitive activity of pupils, students, increasing their interest in learning the subject, development of personality, critical thinking, linguistic creativity. 

The essay is characterized by a small volume, a high level of creativity in covering the topic, an emphasis on the expression of the author’s personal attitude to the topic of the essay, his thoughts and reflections on a particular problem or issue. From the point of view of the content and specificity of the material can be compared to a small scientific article. 

Essay features and types 

The essay has two characteristic features: 

The main attention is paid to conveying the author’s attitude to the subject in a free form. It does not pretend to be a thorough study of the topic or particular issues. 

Types of college essay: 

• informative; 

• critical; 

• The formal role of the media in the process of the development of the media is to be seen in the context of the media. 

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Main requirements you have to know 

The requirements for the formal essay are as follows:

• Scope of the text — 1-2 pages (120-200 words). 

• The essay must be perceived as a complete work, the idea of which is comprehensible and readable. 

• Each paragraph of the text is a reflection of one idea. 

• It is necessary to write boldly and clearly. The essay should not contain anything entertaining, it should carry only the information necessary to reveal the idea of the essay, the author’s own position. 

• The essay should be distinguished by a clear composition and be logical in its structure. In the essay, as in any work, there must be internal logic, which is determined, on the one hand, by the author’s approach to the discussed topic, and on the other hand, by the topic itself. It is not necessary to be unique in the way one idea moves from one to another, the idea should be revealed in succession. 

• The essay must show that its author knows and understandably uses theoretical concepts, terms, generalizations, ideas. 

• The essay must contain a convincing argumentation of the problem. 

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Structure of the essay 

Your text must have a structure. The introduction and the conclusion must be for the order, even if they are one or two rows. It is important to structure the main part. You must know where you put the difficulty, where you argue or describe it. The issue and its argumentation must be in one form or another. You can formulate the concern either in the introduction or in the conclusion. Or in the middle of the text. The main thing is to keep the logic and structure. 

• The essay consists of the following parts: introduction, main part, and conclusion. 

• The introduction is the rationale for the choice of the topic of the essay. 

• The main part — theoretical foundations of the treated problem and presentation of the main topic. This part allows for the development of arguments and analysis, as well as their substantiation based on the available data, other arguments and positions. 

• The conclusion is a summary and argumentative conclusion to the topic, etc. It summarizes and clarifies, and reinforces the meaning and significance of what was learned in the main part. 

What else is important? 

You should make argumentative conclusions, analyze the issue, formulate and describe your own understanding of the issue. 

The conclusion of the essay is a complex conclusion, which laconically expresses the position of the author. 

You should use imaginative techniques, an associative approach and laconic presentation of the material. 

The text can be approached as a literary text, but should not go too deep into the nature of the subject, the issues or problems that the topic covers. 

Divide the text into paragraphs, add subheadings, if necessary, use visual formatting tools. The time for reading text canvases passed in the bygone century. Your ability to store ideas in a paragraph for the whole page does not interest anyone — such a paragraph simply does not finish reading. Make your text easy to read. Even if the reader is one and only one.

Be aware of the subject and the goals of the essay. Your text must match the title and the topic you are writing about. Taking notes, even artistic ones, can serve you poorly.

Do without a long introduction. You write for the prepared reader (presumably, only the one who gave you the theme for the essay). Not necessary to talk about the relevance of the problem, the importance of its solution for current people, not necessary to enumerate the goals and objectives of the essay, as you did in the essay or course. Start immediately. Targets and the conclusion. Do not waste the reader’s time.

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