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Finding a PRO for your laptops & desktops has never been this easy!

computer repair

Are you stressed over finding a PRO for your laptops & desktops for a long time? And you have no idea how to find an experienced service provider who can fix you faulty laptop, desktop and other PC related issues? Worry no more, Mr. Right is here to help you out. Mr.Right is an online platform where home owners meet home service professionals.

Here’s what you got to do?

So if you are having difficulty in finding a PRO for your laptops & desktops, connect with us in few simple steps:

Visit and choose Computer from the case launcher

Select the service type option from the list

Pick the date and time as per your convenience,

Provide your contact details like Name, Mobile Number, Email ID  and Address

That’s all we need from you!

Alright, now here’s what we will do

Mr Right believes in building long term customer relationship and therefore your details will be saved in our database! You can always log back into your customer portal ( to track your progress or create another case!

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