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Fabulous ways to boost Wifi signal

ways to boost Wifi signal

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WiFi is something that none of us can live without these days. Each one of you would realize the pain of having a slow Wifi connection or signal and the irritation that it leads to when pages crawl while opening up. But this problem can always be solved. You can always boost your Wifi signal using a few tips and techniques. This will enable you to enjoy a faster internet connection at home or office and will definitely speed up things for you at work. The following are some of the fabulous ways to boost Wifi signal.

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1. Updating your router firmware

The first and best way to boost Wifi signal is to update the router’s firmware.  The process to update the firmware of your router will totally depend upon the manufacturer’s brand and model number.  It is important to keep the firmware updated at all times not just because it ensures a better signal connection but also a good performance on an overall basis.

2. Place your router at an optimal position

Another one of the fabulous ways to boost Wifi signal is to place your router at an optimal position.  Where you place it has a great affect on the signal strength at various points in the given space.  A wireless router needs space and must be away from walls and any kind of obstructions.  Also other electronics and heavy duty appliances can also prove to be an obstruction in the path of Wifi router signals.

Image Credits: Flickr

3. Check the frequency of the router

One of the fabulous ways to boost Wifi signal is to check the frequency of the router and make sure you have configured it for optimum performance.  Sometimes switching frequency can help a great deal to get a better Wifi signal or strength.

4. Try changing the channel

Another method you can try to boost your Wifi signal is to try flipping the channel. Modern day routers are often multichannel which means you can shift from one to another when communicating to your devices.  So you can choose a less congested channel and manually switch your router to broadcast on that particular one.  This setting can be made by going to the wireless network administrator interface.

5. Control the quality

Another way to boost Wifi signal is to control the quality. Modern day routers have an inbuilt Quality of Service tool which is meant to limit the amount of bandwidth which the apps make use of. This proves useful for those who do a lot of video streaming.  Thus if you change or control the quality, then this can have a huge effect on the signals and the connection strength.

These were the most fabulous ways to boost Wifi signal. You too can follow these tips and tricks to improve the strength of your Wifi connection at home or workplace. If you wish to get a router installed or want any other general home appliances installation, you can contact Mr Right.

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