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Most common reasons for laptop not charging

laptop charging problems

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A laptop is one of the most useful devices but it can often encounter certain problems. One of these is laptop not getting charged or not charging even on plugging in the charger.  This problem can make it difficult for you to use your device and will make it almost worthless. This is why it is important to resolve this issue. However resolving the issue requires you to know the cause. The following are some of the most common reasons for laptop not charging.

1. Problems with the battery

One of the common reasons for laptop not charging is problems with the battery. To check whether the issue is with the battery you simply have to remove the battery from the laptop and try plugging it in.  If the laptop still powers on then the problem is with the battery. If not, then you probably have to check for some other issue.

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Image Credits: Wikimedia Commons

2. Check whether you are using the right USB-C port

USB-C is a cross platform standard for charging, data transfer and peripherals. In some cases these ports do not allow the device to get charged depending upon the manufacturers.  Thus if you are facing the issue of laptop not get charged, then you must check if the USB-C port you are using is correct or not.

3. Breaks, shorts or burnouts

Another common reason for laptop not getting charged is possible breaks, burnouts or shorts.  To check this, first check the length of the power cord, flexing and bending as you go about to see if there are any kind of breaks.  Also make sure you see the ends for any kind of broken wires or connections.  Also check the AC brick to see if it is discoloured or not.

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4. Problems with the connector

When the laptop is plugged in with the power connector, the connection should be very strong.  If it is not strong and is wobbly, then this could be a possible reason for laptop not charging.  Check the connector properly for any burning smells or discoloration. If there is any kind of damage on the connector, then you must get it repaired or replaced as soon as possible.

5. Problems with laptop settings

In some cases, laptops do not get charged due to problems with laptop settings.  For this you may need to go to the control panel and open up the power options. Here, check the plan settings and see if they are all correctly set. Correct the settings and plug in the charger again to see if it is working.

These are the most common reasons for laptop not charging. However there are many other possible issues that can arise with laptop chargers and batteries. If you face any issue which you are unable to resolve on your own, then you must seek professional help for it. For laptop charger or adapter repair, you can contact Mr Right.

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