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Effects of low tire pressure on your vehicle

low tire pressure

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Your vehicle’s tire pressure can get lowered due to a lot of reasons and some of them include outside air temperature as well as leaks. It is a fact that for every drop in temperature by 10 degrees, the air in tires gets decreased by one PSI which is pound per square inch. But low tire pressure has many negative effects on your vehicle and this is why you need to check the pressure every now and then to ensure it is not too low or too high. The following are some of the effects of low tire pressure on your vehicle.

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1. Affects the gas mileage



The first effect that low tire pressure has on your vehicle is that it affects the gas mileage.  It means that if the pressure is low then the mileage that you get on your vehicle will become low, thus demanding you to spend more for fuel.  If the tires are properly inflated then it increases your gas mileage on an overall basis.  This also results in better handling and performance of the vehicle.

2. Affects the emissions

Under-inflated tires tend to ask for more energy from your vehicle so that they can get the car in proper and full motion. What this does is that it leads to more fumes coming out from the car which means more emissions which are not good for the environment and your vehicle. Also with lower fuel economy or mileage, more emissions tend to come out. This means that you will have to fill in your car with fuel more often.

3. Affects the tire tread life

Another negative effect that low tire pressure has on your vehicle is that it reduces the tire tread life by about 25%.  This means that you may have to replace your tires more often which is a huge added expense.  Thus it is more advisable to maintain the tire pressure of your vehicle to avoid any more expenses.

4. Slows down Stopping time

Under-inflated tires take a much longer time to stop and this too is a disadvantage of low tire pressure.  Low pressure tires tend to skid more often especially on wet or icy roads.

5. Can lead to tire failure

One of the most serious things that low tire pressure of your vehicle can result in is tire failure.  What happens is that if the tire pressure is not upto the mark then this leads to too much contact of the tires with the road thus leading to more friction and heat. This heat can lead to blown tires and hence a very bad accident.  This is very risky and hence it is recommended that you keep getting your tire pressure checked and updated.

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These effects of low tire pressure on your vehicle must always be kept in mind and taken seriously. Check your tire pressure immediately and make sure it is upto the mark.

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