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Choosing the right kind of car wash service

right kind of car wash service

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.Your car is your baby and it is natural for you to want it to be at its best always. It is important that you clean it on a regular basis or opt for professional car wash service every once in a while.  Keeping it clean not only has an effect on its appearance but also on its paint job, its wheels’ functionality and even its undercarriage. But for this you must be clear on which car wash service you want. The following are some points which will help you decide the right kind of car wash service for your vehicle.

1. Self service car wash

The most common car wash service that you can opt for is self service.  This is the most affordable way in which you can get a few cleaning supplies and do the job on your own, without spending on professional cleaning.  Infact there are many car wash service providers who provide you with the wash area and supplies for a small fee and allow you to wash your car on your own.

Image Credits: Wikimedia Commons


2. Hand Wash Car wash service

Another type of car wash facility that you can opt for is hand wash.  As the name suggests, in this service, car cleaning professionals wash your car by hand and the interiors are then vacuumed.  Such services are often offered by dedicated car wash service providers, parking lot authorities etc. This is ideal for those who do not like the car being touched by cleaning machines and other abrasive tools.

3. Automated car wash

The third type of car wash service is the automated car wash. In this service, your car is washed using brushes and cloth friction along with soap and water.  Sometimes there is also an option of choosing polishing after the washing is done or manual vacuuming.  This option is ideal for those whose car is usually driven on roads with a lot of salt and sand.

4. Touchless car wash

These days, there is an option of the touchless car wash as well. In this service, your car is washed using soap, water and air. Hose pipes with high pressure are used to spray water on the vehicle along with soap.  This loosens the dirt and cleans the vehicle.  This method is ideal for those who are too particular of not having their car touched by a human or even brushes.

Image Credits: Wikimedia Commons

Now that you know the top 4 types of car wash services, you can select one for yourself based on your preferences. Remember that each car wash type has its positives and negatives. The choice may also depend upon the cost, duration of service and other such factors. Make sure you select the right kind of car wash service by proper research and comparison. Afterall your car is precious and needs to be handled carefully.

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