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Car washing tips: How to make your car look like new

car washing tips and tricks

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If you are a car owner then it is necessary that you wash and clean your car on a regular basis. Not doing so can make your car look old very quickly and may also decrease its life. A car is an expensive item which must be maintained properly on an everyday basis. But there is a certain method which must be followed to clean it. There are several cleaning and washing tips and tricks that can enable you to make your vehicle look shiny and new. The following are the best car washing tips to follow

Cleaning the Interior

The things you will need to clean the interior of the car are given as follows:

The first step to follow in car washing tips is to clean the interior. The shampoo must be used to wash and clean the fabric seats whereas in the case of leather seats make use of the leather cleaner and conditioner. Make sure you read the labels of each of these products before you use them to clean the interiors of your car.  Now clean the pedals and the dashboard using the detergent and the protectant respectively.  Once you are done, use the handheld vacuum cleaner to vacuum dust particles from the entire interior space of your vehicle.


Image Credits: Pixabay

Cleaning the exterior

Once you are done cleaning the interior, you should move onto cleaning the exterior and not vice-versa. For this you will need:

The best time to wash your car is when the weather outside is slightly overcast or not too sunny. The first thing you need to do is to use the hose to wash the entire exterior space of the car with water.  This will remove and clean whatever surface dust, dirt and grime is present on it.  The dirtiest part of any vehicle is the wheels. The next step is to use the sponge to remove dirt from the wheels of the car. Make sure the mud and grime is properly removed.

The toothbrush must then be used to clean and remove grime from within the cracks and small spaces. Use the plastic and metal polishes to polish the respective materials. The plastic parts of the car include brake lights, indicators and headlights etc. Now the next step is to apply the wax all over the car, including the wheels as well. After doing all this, clean the windows with water and soap.

These car washing tips should be followed regularly to prevent need for regular servicing and professional cleaning. However if you wish to get professional cleaning done, you can contact a car washing or servicing centre for the same.

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