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What is a robot vacuum Cleaner?

a robot vacuum cleaner cleaning floor
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You must be wondering about the new smart and beautiful robot vacuum cleaner trending in the market. Well here is the answer to all your queries. Here you will find out what is a robot vacuum cleaner and how much efficient it would be for cleaning your house-

How a Robot Vacuum Cleaner different from other Vacuum cleaners?

A conventional vacuum cleaner requires your hands and mind to clean the house. However, A robot vacuum cleaner simply needs to be turned on left on itself to ensure efficient cleaning. A regular robot cleaner usually operates in a dual-mode that is wet mopping and dry cleaning the surface. Meanwhile, In a traditional vacuum cleaner, you have to manually operate the vacuum unit to every corner of your house. This whole process takes a lot of time and effort which can be saved.

As a result, The new robot vacuum cleaner is far more superior than the conventional one. If you are planning to buy a new cleaner, its better advised to go for the smart robot vacuum cleaner.

What is the battery life of a smart vacuum cleaner?

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This is one of the most frequently asked questions related to a cordless robot vacuum cleaner. You may get dazzled by the long-lasting capacity of these small cleaners as an average robotic vacuum cleaner can last up to 4 hours of continuous operation. This duration is more than enough to clean a regular house.

These tiny moving discs last longer than you need them for a single-use. Adding to your surprise, a robot vacuum cleaner saves a noticeable amount of electricity than any regular cleaner. To explain you further, a regular size robot vacuum cleaner takes an average of 0.0084 kWh of electricity for a day which counts hardly 31 kWh for an entire year. This number stands nowhere when we look up to the big traditional vacuum cleaners.

Does a robot vacuum cleaner clean well?

It is a big misconception in the people that bigger cleaners provide better service. However, the size of a vacuum cleaner is completely irrelevant to its efficiency. The new AI-enabled robot vacuum cleaners use predictive sensing to clean and mop the surface. This helps to achieve a better operation. Studies suggest that a robot vacuum cleaner has a better command of corner cleanings as compared to conventional vacuum cleaners.

Is a robo-vacuum cleaner loud?

This question is itself an irony as a self-driven vacuum cleaner hardly annoys its owner by making unnecessary noises. The average noise production of a robot vacuum cleaner goes around 50 to 60 dB (Decibels). This is hardly a number as compared to the 70 dBs of a regular vacuum cleaner.

Is using a robot cleaner easy?

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Operating a robot cleaner is the easiest task one can do in order to maintain the cleanliness of his house. The new self-driven robot cleaners are the epitome of “Need and Invention”. Having new AI-enabled technology, you can operate this appliance from your smartphone. Some advanced models also give you the privilege to select cleaning timers, areas to be cleaned, and a lot more.

It will not be exaggerating if this small appliance is referred to as a complete home cleaning assistant. Here are some of the best recommendations you may plan for-

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