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Things to look at in a washing machine while buying

front load washing machine

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With every advancement in technology, we humans take one step closer to the ease of living in our lives. But the clothes always have needed an extravagant epitome of cleanliness and maintenance. Coming to which, Washing Machines have become an integral part of our lives since the time they were introduced. Today, we are going to help you to overlook a few most important factors you should never ignore if you are planning to buy a Washing Machine.

Capacity and Type

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Undoubtedly, the very first need of every ideal Washing Machine is to comprise a powerful motor for efficient washing. The market is currently filled up with a lot of options in the new era of smart washing modes and techniques made up for optimum use. But the question which has to be personally be answered by the particular washing machine is that whether it is fulfilling the load capacity washing of your needs or not.

If you are expecting a usual household cleaning, then you can opt for 6-8 kg Front/Top Load variants. Or else, you can prefer the conventional dual tub washing machine if the frequency of washing is high. Also, you can prefer washing your clothes in different sections alone.

Washing Modes

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Unarguably one of the most asked questions in the common diaspora about the vast modes available for different washing ways. Yes, the broad categories enhance the washing capabilities and you must keep your washing habits up to date with the most advanced and efficient washing functions, However, we recommend you to look up for some really effective techniques like Eco bubble (it enhances the effect of detergent and removes dirt without ravaging the fabric), Anti Vibration (Provides noise-free operation and long life to the drums) and Water filtration (converts hard water into soft).

Energy Consumption of the washing machine

If you are too fond of cleaning your clothes then it makes you more prone to high electricity consumption. However, buying a washing machine more energy efficient can prove to be a better deal in the long run. You can simply check the average energy units consumed annually by the washing machine and the five-star mark as well.

Warranty Period

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Although the majority of the brands usually provide you an equal period of warranty with their washing machines, however, it’s really necessary to have a look carefully at the period of trust the company is showing on its product. We highly advise you to give a machine having 10 or more years of warranty a priority.

Rodent Protection Measurements

Many of you may find it surprising, but the majority of survey reports based on the feedback of service stations of major brands have analyzed the catastrophic effect of Rats on home appliances especially washing machines. These rodents dig long holes in the machines and harm the wires. It leads to unwanted trouble for the users. So whenever you are planning to buy a washing machine, make sure it has rat protection techniques such as Rat mesh, Rat covers, and Rat repellent chemicals.

Customer Service of the washing machine

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A washing machine coming even with the longest warranty will have no use if you do not have a customer service station of that company near you. You may face ample amount trouble to transport the heavy appliance which you can avoid. Thoroughly confirm if the brand is providing home service in all the warranty or make sure that the company has its service center in your locality.

Thus we have helped you with some basic and most important aspects of a washing machine. If you are planning to buy one, your search comes to an end. We have shortlisted the best washers in their segments which you can look up to.

The best washing machines-

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