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8 reasons behind washing machine start-up problem

Washing machine not starting

Washing machine is a popularly used home appliance. Like any other home appliance, a washing machine may breakdown in its lifetime.

Washing machine not starting is a common but frustrating problem especially when you have tones of clothes to wash. So before you call a washing machine repair professional, you must know what may have gone wrong inside your washing machine.

8 probable causes behind washing machine start up problem are:

Blown fuse or MCB

If your washing machine does not start, begin with the basic diagnosis. Check if your washing machine is plugged in or not. Many times due to voltage fluctuations the MCB trips or the fuse blows out and your washing machine does not start. Check and reset the MCB (or replace the fuse) and then start your washing machine.

Faulty power outlet

If your washing machine does not start check the power outlet where it is plugged into. Plug and test a lamp or radio into the outlet to check if it works fine or not. If the outlet is dead the washing machine will not start. Call an electrician and get the faulty electrical outlet repaired.

Faulty power cord

If the washing won’t start and you find that the MCB or fuse are fine and electrical outlet is not faulty, check the power cord. The power cord itself might be defective. A faulty cords stops the washing machine from starting. Call an electrician and get the wire replaced.

Defective door interlock

Washing machine not starting problem could be due to defective door interlock. If the lights come on but the machine won’t start, the door interlock wiring might have gone bad. Call a washing machine repair expert to rectify this door interlocking problem.

Defective drive motor

All washing machines use a motor that is responsible for spinning and agitating during the washing cycle. When this motor becomes defective, the washing machine fails to start. Call a washing machine repair professional for drive motor repair and replacement.

Defective main control or PCB

If the washing machine does not start the main control board or PCB might be defective. Only a washing machine repair expert can diagnose and rectify this problem.

Faulty start switch or knob

Sometimes a defective start switch or knob stops the washing machine from starting.


Many times when a washing machine is overheated it stops working. If you run several loads, one after another, without giving any rest to your machine, it may get overheated and stops working. So if your machine stops suddenly during operation, give the machine sufficient time to cool down, and then try it again. If it works fine, overheating has been the problem.

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