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5 Most Common Dryer Problems and Solutions

5 most common dryer problems and solutions

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We have figured out this list of the 5 most common dryer problems and solutions to help you repair your broken dryer. However, there may be numerous lot others but we have tried to help you with the most frequent and common ones. Do check on these problems and look if you can get it repaired before you replace your dryer.

We recommend you first ensure the safety measurements on your clothes dryer and then proceed to inspect the areas. Put on safety gloves before touching any electrical apparatus/wire.

1. Clothes Dryer is not turning on

If your dryer is not turning on there are various things that could be causing the issue. You’ll probably have to do a little investigating to recognize the reason. However, as basic as it might sound, first really look at your control settings to guarantee that all buttons are working and that the settings are right. Additionally, make sure that the beginning button was either squeezed or gone enough to initiate the dryer.

Reason 1. Power Supply

Check the power supply first to guarantee that power is being supplied at your dryer. Utilize your multimeter to actually take a look at the voltage at the power source. In case power isn’t streaming to your dryer, look at your home’s electrical board to check whether any breakers might have been stumbled.

If that’s not what it is broken, it’s conceivable that the electric socket should be supplanted. If your outlet looked at the multimeter and it’s fine, the issue could be the power cord. Dryer power ropes are inclined to get worn out because of development and age.

Reason 2. Door Switch

This door switch will hold the dryer back from operating if the door is open. As often as possible build-up or other garbage gathers around the entryway gasket or switch. This development can keep the entryway from totally shutting and drawing in the switch. In case this is your concern, it’s a simple fix and something you can clean consistently to forestall future events.

If you speculate the door switch is defective, you might have to open the unit to investigate and supplant the switch upon your model and brand.

Reason 3. Thermostat

There are various thermostats in your dryer with the single occupation of controlling the inside temperature. Which thermostat is being utilized is controlled by which drying cycle is chosen.

The cycling thermostat is for the most part situated in the wind current way as it leaves the drum. It is oftentimes inside the venting/exhaust framework or on the blower wheel lodging. A thermostat is around 1-1/2″ long and is oval molded. Make certain to mark the 2 wires when you eliminate them so you can reconnect them similarly.

At the point when it is at room temperature test with your multimeter set to RX1 and contact the tests to every terminal. If the thermostat is as yet good to go it will give a perusing of zero since we are trying for coherence. In the event that you get something besides a zero perusing it should be supplanted.

2. The Dryer is making too much noise

There are many moving parts on a dryer and as they give indications of wear, they regularly start to make a commotion. There’s squeaking, screeching, murmuring, and surprisingly pounding. Large numbers of the commotions a dryer makes are an indication that something in your dryer needs consideration.

Peruse our broad article on investigating an uproarious garments dryer for a more exhaustive rundown. The following are a couple of the more normal issues:

Reason 1: Glides

Dryers regularly have plastic glides situated in the front finish of the drum. After some time, these glides give indications of not working properly and should be exchanged.

Reason 2: Blower Wheel

In spite of the fact that issues with the blower wheel can often require the part to be supplanted, now and then the fix can be pretty much as straightforward as clearing out the blower. Frequently build-up or different articles find their way into the blower wheel.

Reason 3: Drum Support Roller

Drum support rollers are utilized to help the drum. At the point when they give indications of aging, they can turn out to be extremely uproarious. If yours should be supplanted, make certain to exchange all of the help rollers as they will quite often wear equally.

3. Too many wrinkles on clothes

Having some messy lines on the garments is good to go. However, it is unusual to see the fabrics fully crumbled and should not happen. This is one of the major 5 most common dryer problems and solutions to it are as follows:

Cause 1: Clothes are not taken out of the dryer properly.

Solution: Remove the clothes gently one after another and hang or fold as soon as possible.

Cause 2: The dryer has too much load.

Solution: Put the load in a very limited quantity. it will increase the space for the clothes to not entangle into each other.

Cause 3: Using the same drying mode for every fabric.

Solution: The dryer heat has a long range of temperatures and drying modes as well. An effective press cycle must always be accompanied by a cool-down cycle before it gets over.

Check our All Washing Machine FAQs You wanted to Know here.

4. Dryer is not heating

In the event that your dryer isn’t creating any hot temperature yet, it’s tumbling, there are a few issues that could cause this issue. In any case, search for the conspicuous first by actually taking a look at your dryer’s settings. Be certain that you have the proper settings for the garments that you are drying. The texture temperature and clock choices are on the whole key to the presentation of your dryer.

Reason 1: Fuse

Numerous dryers have a precautionary measure called a warm thermal fuse which shields the dryer from over-warming. The fuse is by and large in a white plastic cover and it’s situated in the exhaust channel in the back cabinet of the dryer.

The thermal fuse will stop the heating and keep your dryer from working if it gets excessively hot. There’s not a way of resetting the breaker, so in case this is your concern you’ll have to exchange the fuse with another one.

Pro Tip: Never dry your clothes on the full heating capacity of the dryer.

Reason 2: Heating Coils

It is a coil produced using nichrome (nickel-chrome composition). They can be found behind the back cabinet of the dryer.

Search for broken or consumed regions by outwardly investigating the heating coils. Utilize a multimeter to check for coherence. Set the multimeter to RX and press the tests to the terminals of the coil. The component is faulty and should be changed on the off chance that you get a 0 on the meter.

Reason 3: Igniter (For Gas Dryers)

In case that your dryer is fueled by gas, verify whether the igniter is processing. In the event that it is, yet the burner isn’t connecting with, you might have imperfect electrical coils inside the gas valve. These coils have wires coming from the highest point of a dark chamber and they are situated close to the burner valve get together.

Something else to check is to outwardly check whether your igniter gleams. On the off chance that it doesn’t, search for faded or white staining. There may likewise be a break in the igniter.

Change the igniter if you notice an apparent issue. If you see nothing clear like a consumed region or a break, check for coherence.

The issue could likewise be starting from elsewhere in the burner framework or the control region.

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5. Dryer is making too much time to dry clothes

If you notice your garments are consuming a huge chunk of time to dry, the issue might be less complex than you might suspect!

Dirt Build-up!

It may astonish you that this irritating issue can be fixed by essentially cleaning your build-up channel. A dryer’s build-up channel is intended to get the build-up and permit the air to stream. Be that as it may, in the event that you don’t spotless it without wasting any time, it will constrain your dryer to work more diligently than needed.

The air will not have the option to stream unreservedly and it won’t just take more time to dry your garments, however, it will regularly leave little spots of build-up on your perfect garments. There can likewise be no kidding results since it could even reason a fire breakout.


Having a standalone clothes dryer is a great help for the home. However, maintaining it can be a challenge for some. We have tried to focus on the 5 most common dryer problems and solutions that frequently occur. If you still feel to know more, feel free to ask the same in the comments below.

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