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Top 5 trends in smart home technology

smart home technology trends

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It is difficult to imagine our world without the concept of technology and its advances. In recent times, technology has catapulted us all to a more comfortable, easy and advanced place. Impact of science and technology can be seen everywhere but it is our homes that have really utilized new ideas and become smarter in every way. If you wish to make your home a smart home, then there are various trends in smart home technology that you must know about. A few of them have been mentioned as follows.

1. Automated door locks

Automated door locks are not a new concept but one which really impresses every time. Unlocking your door when you have your hands full can be difficult and this is where the concept of automated door locks helps.  Automated door locks are basically those which unlock themselves when they sense that you are approaching, making your home much smarter.

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2. Wireless power controls

Another fabulous trend in smart home technology which everyone must know of is wireless power controls.  These days, you can control a gamut of devices with a touch of your finger, quite literally.  You can now control various electrical and electronic devices in your home by connecting them with your handheld devices and accessing their usage through touch technology.

3. Decor friendly gadgets

These days, you can combine home decor with technology to make things much easier for yourself. For this you can find gadgets such as thermostats which are not just meant to do their job but also have an aesthetic appeal to them which blends in with the rest of the decor of your home or office.  Similarly, locks are not just meant to lock your home and cabinets for you but are now available in sleek and modern looking designs, making them decorative pieces in their own right.

4. Zone based or programmable thermostats

Another fabulous trend in home smart technology is zone based or programmable thermostats.  These days you can turn the heat on in your home even when you are not indoors. This can be done by controlling the thermostat through your tablet or phone even from a remote location. This helps you enter a heated home without any major efforts.

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5. Advanced security systems

Advanced security systems are another one of the trends in smart home technology. You can now simply have remote access to the security system, camera and alarm etc.  This allows you to have an eye on the activities in and around the house in your absence, making your home much more secure and safe.

So now that you know the various smart home technologies, you can easily make your home smarter too. Infact, many more new and emerging technologies can be utilized to make your stay at home more comfortable and secure than ever.

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