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Tips to Clean A Restaurant Kitchen

In restaurants, cleanliness must be followed, especially in the kitchen. If this is not done, it can lead to germs and dirt entering food causing customers to become sick. Health authorities may visit the area and if it is dirty, you can get fined. Sanitary kitchens can limit the prevalence of airborne diseases. Read on to find out helpful tips to clean a commercial kitchen like one for a hotel, restaurant, etc.

Countertops plus hard areas

Countertops along with hard areas are attractive locations for bacteria to prosper. Because they are often employed for preparing the food, these must be cleaned properly throughout the day.

Take any products and storage bins away from the surface. Then carefully wipe the area using a clean cloth and a good disinfectant spray.  You must spray around 8-12 inches far from this surface. Allow the place to air dry before putting the things back on it.

If there are any dried food and liquid spills, employ a brush with warm soapy water. This will be used to scrub the area.

At the time you are cleaning any tile areas, utilize tile-based disinfectants which will get rid of the bacteria and dirt.

Commercial appliances

Equipment must be cleaned properly if you want it to remain in good shape. Every appliance that you have, be it large or little, wipe this down. It includes coffee makers, microwaves, etc.

Thorough cleanings should occur at least once a week along with month so that the appliances remain perfect. It is possible to forget some of these, therefore, have a list of what has to be cleaned and when. The following can be included:

Apart from the above you even need to clean the exhaust hoods, vents, floors, walls, ceiling, sinks, storage places, etc. In other words, the complete kitchen has to be spotless and grime and dirt free. You can look for the benefits of commercial kitchen cleaning to help you carry out all these tasks. They have professionals who know what to do.

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