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Mirrorless vs. DSLR: key differences and comparison

mirrorless vs dslr

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If you are making your way into photography then you must have a good camera to pursue your interest.  Until a few years ago, the choice was simple-buy a DSLR but these days, you may have to choose between a DSLR camera and a mirrorless camera.  As the name suggests, mirrorless cameras do not involve a complex mirror system and this is what makes them different from DSLRs.  This means that they are lighter, smaller and also simpler mechanically.  So when it comes to selecting between the two, you may need to know the various points of comparison so that you can make the choice easily. The following are some points of differences and comparison between mirrorless vs. DSLR cameras:

1. Size and weight

DSLRs are usually big and bulky, mirrorless cameras on the other are usually smaller and lighter. But it is important to remember that their lenses can be of the equal size. This means that if DSLRs have large lenses, the same is true for mirrorless cameras.  The small body size however is the biggest selling point of mirrorless cameras because most people would prefer using a compact and easy to carry device.

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2. Viewfinders

Another major point of difference between mirrorless cameras and DSLRs is the viewfinder. Where on one hand, all DSLRs have an optical viewfinder for the natural look and view of the frame, mirrorless cameras lack this feature.  They are capable of showing you only the digital rendition of the frame or shot. This means that mirrorless cameras have electronic and not optical viewfinders which too have their advantages. Electronic viewfinders are capable of displaying a lot more information than the optical ones such as live histograms.

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3. Continuous shooting

There was a time when the continuous shooting mode offered by DSLRs was really praised. But ever since mirrorless camera came into being, the continuous shooting mode changed by leaps and bounds.  The mirrorless design makes it easy to add high speed shooting which is better than that of DSLRs.  Mirrorless cameras have lesser moving parts and higher processing speed which makes way for better continuous shooting. Thus out of the two, mirrorless cameras win when it comes to continuous capturing.

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4. Battery life

Another point of difference between mirrorless vs. DSLR cameras is the battery life. DSLRs are capable of capturing 600-800 shots on an average and the better models can capture even up to 1000 shots on one charge. On the other hand, mirrorless cameras are capable of taking just about 300-400 shots on one charge.

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5. Price

Another factor which you will need to consider when making a choice between mirrorless cameras and DSLRs is the price.  Even when you buy a cheap DSLR, you get features like viewfinder, good battery life etc whereas cheaper mirrorless cameras do not offer the same features. Only if you purchase an expensive mirrorless camera, would you be able to enjoy the benefit of viewfinders.  Thus in terms of features and functionality, a DSLR proves to be more of an economical option.


Now that you know the main points of differences between mirrorless vs. DSLR cameras, you may be able to decide which one proves better for you. Both have their benefits and disadvantages and the final choice remains with you depending upon your choices and preferences. DSLRs are undoubtedly sturdy and good value cameras which offer top image quality and old school handling. Mirrorless cameras have the benefit of being smaller in size and also more technically advanced.  They are the ones which you will be seeing in the future.  It is a good idea to try both before buying. For any assistance related to cameras and other appliances, you can get in touch with Mr. Right services.


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