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Most common steam iron problems and their solutions

steam iron problems

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Steam iron is one of the most useful electronic appliances and is owned by almost everyone. The appliance enables us to steam iron our clothes so that they look fresh and crisp when we wear them. However since this appliance is used so often it can develop certain problems from time to time. But before you take a decision on how to solve these problems, you must know what they are and be prepared for them. This article will help you learn about the most common steam iron problems and their respective solutions:

1. Mineral build-up

This is one of the most common steam iron problems and can lead to decreasing the life expectancy of your appliance. What happens is that the water that you use in it may be hard and can contain certain minerals which may deposit in the lines and vents of your iron.  These may then block the discharge of the steam coming from the iron and may lead to dripping. To avoid this, use distilled or filtered water only and one used, empty the water from the tank.  To clean the build-up, you can make use of a commercial cleaner for lime or calcium removal.

2. Spotting

Another common steam iron problem that you can counter is the problem of spotting.  If your steam iron is overfilled, then it will leave a stream of water from the ports which the appliance is in its position to be used.  The water that drips or falls can lead to water spots on the clothes which may appear bad.  The best solution for this problem is to avoid filling the iron to the top and leave some room. Stop before you reach the maximum recommended level.

3. Iron not heating

You may have also come across the issue of the steam iron not heating. This is yet another very common steam iron problem. To check the cause of this issue, you must first ensure that the power cord is properly connected and switched on.  Next check the electrical cord and the thermostat. Correct the thermostat setting and check the heating again.  If it is not working properly, then this could be an issue and the cause of iron not heating. Get it replaced by contacting a professional electrician.

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4. Iron sticks to fabric

A lot of people have also experienced the situation when the steam iron sticks to the fabric.  In this case, the issue may be with the soleplate.  The first thing you need to do is to clean the soleplate.  Clean the tank by making use of a commercial cleaner and make sure you use only distilled water for this. However if the problem persists, the soleplate may be faulty and you may have to get it replaced.

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Now that you know the most common steam iron problems and their solutions, you too can figure out the cause yourself. If there is need for any steam iron problems or iron not working, you can contact Mr Right. Also, you can check the Kitchen Home guide on the best steam generator irons.

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