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Common dry iron problems and their solutions

dry iron problems

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A dry iron, as the name suggests is a kind of an iron which does not need to be filled with water to form steam as it does not have an inlet.  This iron works without water and still irons your clothing items effectively. While it is true that steam irons are more common nowadays, there are many who still use dry iron as well. Like any other electronic appliance, there are many problems that can come up with dry irons too. The following are some of the common dry iron problems along with their possible solutions.

1. Dry Iron not heating enough

PROBLEM: One of the most common troubles with dry irons is iron not heating enough.  The possible causes for this could be wrong thermostat setting, problem with electric connections, problem with the power switch etc.

SOLUTION: Thus to resolve this problem, you first need to check if you have made all the connections properly and in accordance with the user manual. Check the power switch, the plug and the thermostat as well. The thermostat is that element of an iron which helps control the temperature and the mode. If it is set at the wrong temperature, in particular a lower one, then the iron may not heat enough. So make sure you turn it to a reasonably higher setting.  Moreover, try changing the heating mode to see whether the heat increases.

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2. Dry iron not working

PROBLEM: Not heating enough and not working altogether are different issues. One common problem that people face is dry iron not working.

SOLUTION: If your dry iron is not working at all then in that case you need to check the power cord first. If the cord is broken or damaged in any way, then this could be a cause of the appliance not working at all. Also try changing the plug into another power outlet to check whether the issue is with the outlet or the iron. Some other reasons why your dry iron may not be working could be wrong iron setting for example auto-off setting, limescale deposits on the soleplate and others.

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3. Dirty sole plate

PROBLEM: Any kind of iron can experience issues with the sole plate. Over a period of time and usage, a sole plate can get dirty and its holes can get clogged. This may affect its heating and overall performance.

SOLUTION: It is thus important to clean and maintain the sole plate on a regular basis. For this, you must first remove any particles you see on the sole plate with your hand. After that, take a cloth, dampen it and put some salt on it.  Now rub this cloth on the bottom of the iron to remove stains and marks.   You can remove burn marks by directly sprinkling some oven cleaner and leave there for some time before washing with cold water.

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4. Iron sticking to clothes

PROBLEM: Another common dry iron problem that you may experience is iron sticking to the clothes or fabric. This could be due to a burnt soleplate. What happens is that due to constant usage, some fabric tends to stick an burn and this can lead to a burnt soleplate. This may result in the fabric getting stuck to the deposits.

SOLUTION: In this case, make sure you clean your soleplate properly. You can do so first making a paste of 1 tablespoon water and 2 tablespoon baking soda. Apply this to the soleplate and use it for wiping the iron clean, cleaning steam holes and

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Now that you know the common dry iron problems as well as their solutions, you can easily repair and maintain your appliance on your own. Dry irons are common household devices without which it may be difficult to go on with our day to day tasks.  Therefore as soon as you observe an issue, you must try to resolve it or call a professional for repair. This can be done by contacting Mr Right for iron not working.

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