Kitchen exhaust fan cleaning and maintenance: Tips and tricks

kitchen exhaust fan cleaning
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Almost every kitchen in the world has one thing in common and that is the exhaust fan. Without an exhaust fan, it can be difficult to work in the kitchen. However due to its constant usage, the exhaust fan of the kitchen may stop working and get damaged. The main reason behind this is the dust particles that accumulate in the fan over a period of time. This is why regular cleaning and maintenance of the kitchen exhaust is really important. The following are some useful tips for kitchen exhaust fan cleaning and overall maintenance.

1. Remove the filter of the kitchen exhaust fan

The first thing that you need to do is to remove the filter of the exhaust fan of the kitchen.  For this you must first unplug it.  Get a stool so that you can stand on it to remove the mesh filters of the exhaust fan.  Put these mesh filters into the kitchen sink and pour water all over them.  This will help to loosen off the dirt particles and the grease which must have accumulated on the filter.

2. Clean the filter for kitchen exhaust fan cleaning

Now the next step that you need to follow is to clean the filter. For this, soak the filter of the fan in a solution of water and a little bit of ammonia. Let the filter soak in this mixture for about 1 hour.  Now remove the filter from this solution and scrub it off properly with a brush to complete the cleaning. Make sure you wear gloves before doing so.  You can also soak the frames of the filter and clean them too. Let both the filter and the frame dry completely.

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3. Clean the kitchen exhaust fan

After cleaning the filter and the frame, the next thing to do is to the clean the fan itself. To clean the blades, make a mixture of warm water, ammonia and baking soda. Scrub the fan blades from front and back using this mixture. Use paper towels to dry the excess solution from the fan and fan blades.  This process will help remove the grease and tough dust particles from the fan and will give a certain shine to it.  Now put the mesh filter, frame back on the fan and tighten the screws back on.

kitchen exhaust fan cleaning

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4. General maintenance tips

Besides regular cleaning of the kitchen exhaust fan, you also need to maintain the appliance for availing its best benefits.  For this, you need to clean the filters every three months and a thorough cleaning atleast once a year. If you notice the fan not to be working, you can always call a professional. Professional servicing also keeps the fan working properly.

If you are someone who needs to get exhaust fan installation or repair done, then you can contact Mr Right. However to avoid repairs, make sure you keep your fan clean always.

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