Cleaning the exhaust fan: Simple steps

exhaust fan cleaning
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Exhaust fans are amazingly useful appliances which not only help us get rid of harmful gases but also dust particles and steam which may build up. They also expel out smells from bathrooms and kitchens and hence tend to get dirty pretty soon.  If you don’t clean your exhaust fan regularly, it can get choked by dirt, debris and dust and may hence stop working to its full potential. In order to take full advantage of the appliance and to avoid it from showing faults or getting damaged, it is important to take care of it. The following are some simple steps that will help you in cleaning the exhaust fan.

Clean the mesh

The first step of the process of cleaning the exhaust fan is cleaning the mesh. First remove the mesh and then pour boiling water on it. You can also make a solution of ½ cup ammonia and 1 cup boiling water and place the mesh in it.  Remove it after 30 minutes and scrub it gently to remove the loosened dirt particles.

Clean the fan blades

The next thing that you need to do is to clean the fan blades.  This can prove to be a challenging step. For this you can mix together soap and water to a mixture which contains ½ cup ammonia and 2 tablespoon baking soda.  Wear protective gloves and cover your face with a mask during the cleaning of the blades.

You can also clean the blades of the exhaust fan using other methods and solutions.  Make a mixture of detergent in hot water and put the blades in it for about 20-25 minutes. Scrub the oily layer off using a knife which is unsharpened. You can also use a mixture of vinegar or lemon juice to clean the blades.

fan blades cleaning

Image Credits: Pixabay

Remove the grease

While cleaning the exhaust fan, special attention must be paid to grease which tends to accumulate on the blades and other parts.  Grease can be removed using caustic chemicals. However the chemicals can prove to be harsh and hence it is advisable to wear protective mask and gloves while doing the cleaning or removing the grease.

Regular maintenance and cleaning

It is true that it is impossible to clean the exhaust fan on a day to day basis. But it is highly suggested that you clean it atleast once a month. If the above given methods of cleaning cannot be followed so often, you can atleast try and dust the exhaust fan using a cloth or vacuum it a little bit. This will ensure that dust and debris doesn’t accumulate and the fan performs its function properly.

These methods of cleaning the exhaust fan prove useful and also help prevent a number of exhaust fan related problems. However if you are facing issues such as fan not working or others, then it is better to contact a professional at Mr Right services for exhaust fan installation or repair.


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