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5 most common heater problems

room heaters problems

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A room heater or simply a heater is an appliance which proves extremely useful in cold weather conditions when the indoors need to be heated and kept warm for a comfortable and cosy stay. But in parts where heaters are used quite a lot or in cases where they may not be used in the appropriate way, they could start showing faults and problems. It is important to resolve these problems so that their usage is unhindered. The following is a list of the 5 most common heater problems along with their possible solutions.

1. Poor flow of air

One of the most common heater problems is poor flow of air or insufficient heat. If your heater or blower isn’t blowing air the way it once used to then this could be a result of clogged or dirty filter. If this problem or the filter is not checked or left as it is, then this could lead to damaging of the limit switch. Getting the limit switch thereafter can prove to be an expensive affair and thus it is suggested that you check the filter once in a while and clean it as required. Regular maintenance can avoid poor air flow and need for repairs.

2. Frequent cycling

Another one of the common heater problems includes frequent cycling. If your heater keeps turning on and then going off repeatedly without really heating your home up then this may indicate a problem. This could be because of a bigger underlying problem and is something that a professional may be able to help you with.

3. Bad thermostat

Thermostats are important parts of all kinds and types of room heaters. They are not only important but also essential. If you are facing problems with your thermostat and it doesn’t turn or change the heat mode, then it may have gone bad. This can be a cause of worry and must definitely be checked using professional help as soon as possible.

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4. Grating noise coming from the heater

These days, most of the heater models available are silent and do not make any noise. Thus if you notice a certain sound or a grating noise coming from yours, then this could be an indication of a fault. A loud grinding noise means that some part of the heater has gone loose. This could also mean that the blower wheel is damaged.

5. Constant blowing

One of the common heater problems includes constant blowing. If your heater’s blower runs constantly without shutting off then this could be due to a bad limit switch. You must remember that the blower must never run continuously and should get breaks in between. If not, get the appliance checked by a professional.
It is common for heaters to develop certain issues and most of them can be self detected. However if the room heater or blower is not working altogether then you must contact a professional. In this case, you can reach out to Mr Right services.

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