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The right guide to use an air fryer

How to use an air fryer

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The air fryer is a recent innovation in the field of kitchen technologies which is widely appreciated because of its health-related benefits. It has become quickly popular compared to other kitchen appliances because of its ability to cook low-fat tasty food with little to no oil. When you are using this appliance, the food is cooked in the air, not in oil. Let us see how to use an air fryer-

The technology behind it

You must be wondering how an air fryer cook without using oil. The science behind this is the Rapid Air Technology, which increases the temperatures of air fryer as high as 400 Fahrenheit.

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This hot temperature enables the food to get perfectly brown with a crisp texture which indicates oil frying. You can have chicken without being worried about the oil component of it. Not just chicken you can have any other fried items including French fries, onion rings etc. with less fat content compared to when cooking in a traditional appliance. This is the difference.The air fryer performs a lot of things apart from frying. You can bake, grill or roast your favourite food in it. It allows you to cook several dishes of your choice yet in a healthier manner.

Four various stages of preparation are involved while going to make food in an air fryer. This include-preparation of the food, preparation of the fryer, the process of cooking and the cleaning.

Preparing the food

You must remember to add only a bare minimum of oil to prevent food getting stuck in the air fryer.

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Allow some space for the food to pass hot-air through. The advantage of cooking with an air fryer is that you can cook from all sides. Keep the food in a superior quality aluminium foil paper once you finished frying.When you are preparing oily ingredients, then pat them dry. Soak them in a soft tissue. This will help to avoid excess smoke while cooking them. This will not cause splattering. You must remove any oil fat from the bottom of the fryer.

Preparing the fryer

Plug in the air fryer and let it pre-heat for 5 minutes approximately. Make sure your fryer is hot enough and ready for use. Now gently put the food items inside it never do overcrowding of items. That much space is necessary for between the items where air can pass through easily to all sides of the food items and allows them to properly get cooked.

When you are cooking pre-made foods, you should change the initial oven temperature by 70 degrees and cut down the cooking time accordingly.

The experience

When you cook the small items, for example, chicken wings or French fries, you should shake the fryer for a few times. Equally, you must rotate the food items every after five minutes to ensure proper frying, an all-rounded manner. When you cook high-fat food, you will notice the fats will get deposited in the base of the air fryer. You will need to remove this fat after cooking.

Cleaning is important

After taking out the food from the fryer, you must clean it properly. This helps the appliance to be in shape and last longer. You should clean the basket and the pan as well. The advantage is that most of the air fryers come with dishwasher-safe parts which are why you can clean them in a regular manner. When you manually clean the fryer, first you soak them in water and mix some dishwasher soap. Take a sponge to clean them after some time.

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This will eliminate the possibility of any food particles clogged inside the appliance and the smell of food will also be released. Cleaning the outside and inside of the fryer is not that difficult, you will need a soft moist cloth and dishwasher soap to clean the area.

The air fryer is a blessing in the field of cooking technology. Because of its unique quality and easy to use nature, you can think of bringing it home and adopt a healthy way of cooking.

You must have got a good idea about how to use an air fryer after reading this blog. Kindly contact us Mr right services for any repair related necessities of your air fryer. 

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