Why is there water leakage from my refrigerator?

Water leakage from refrigerator

Water leakage from refrigerator is a common problem. Water either leaks out at the bottom of refrigerator or collects in the vegetable drawers.

Most common reasons behind water leakage from refrigerator are:

Blockage in the drainage hole

water leakage from refrigerator

In a refrigerator there is a drainage hole at the rear end above the drawers. This holes leads to the evaporation tray above the compressor. During the normal operation of refrigeration water runs down into this hole. When this hole gets blocked by dirt or any food item, it forces the water back into the refrigerator which is seen as leakage. Call a refrigerator repair professional to clean this blockage in drain hole and stop water leakage from refrigerator. (Image source: www.repairclinic.com)

Broken drain pan

Refrigerator leaking water

If the refrigerator is leaking water the drain pan can be at fault. The drain pan is underneath the refrigerator or near the compressor. During the defrost cycle of refrigerator the frost and ice accumulated over the cooling coils melts and flows down a hole into the drain pan. The heat from the condenser evaporates this water and prevent water from flowing out of drain pan. But when the drain pan is broken, water spills out of the pan and appear as leakage. (Image source: wikihow.com)
The above are some common reasons behind refrigerator leaking water but there can be other reasons as well.

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