Fridge not cooling fast? We found 5 silly mistakes people make in India

why my fridge is not cooling fast

Refrigerator problems

Have you ever wondered how much you make your refrigerator work every day? You load your refrigerator with foods and drinks from top to bottom every day. It works continuously day in and out to keep your food fresh and cold. So, in return show some love to your refrigerator by following these simple tips & make it work efficiently:

  1. Do not overload your refrigerator with food items. If refrigerator is overloaded, cold air can’t be circulated properly inside which in turn can spoil food items and lowers down the efficiency of the fridge.
  2. Do not open the refrigerator doors frequently. When fridge doors are opened, warm air gushes inside and cold air pours outside the refrigerator. This process drops the temperature by 5-10 degree Celsius. Also, by opening the doors frequently or for long duration refrigerator compressor keeps on working to maintain the temperature inside the refrigerator. This will result in your fridge not cooling enough.
  3. Maintain 1-2 inches of space around your refrigerator to save energy.
  4. Lastly, do not forget to keep your refrigerator clean from both inside and outside. Discard the rotten and expired food items to prevent food contamination.

We are not promising or stressing on the fact that following the above steps will never let your refrigerator go out of service. At the end of the day your refrigerator is a machine. On some rare occasion you may face problems like – your fridge not cooling, fridge not working, or compressor not working. Many times it may happen that your refrigerator is not making ice. Other common problems related to refrigerator faced by us are gas refilling or gas top up in fridge compressor, Refrigerator compressor change etc.  But the bigger problem is to find the best professionals who can repair your refrigerator in such critical situations.

So friends, if you live in Delhi, Noida, Gurgaon, Faridabad or in any region of Delhi NCR and looking for smart, trained, company vetted professionals to fix your refrigerator problems, you are lucky. Just log in to Mr. Right and book your appointment with the best available technician in your neighborhood at your preferred time and we’ll help you to connect with him.

Mr Right Services, making India SMARTER!

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    I have a double door white consolidated refrigerator IND. CLEVELAND OH 44111
    Model No. RSD22VWSW1
    Serial No. LA80122687
    Electrical Rating : Amps-3.50
    Volts-220-240 Hertz-50&60
    Volts-220 Hertz-60
    Refrigerant – R134 a
    made in U.S.A
    Gross Volume – 565 L

    Issues – Not cooling / Lack of expert technician in delhi no body accepted this challenge to make it in good running condition.
    is here anyone who can take this job can reach out to me on +91 7250804244

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