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Follow these 9 simple steps to clean your refrigerator at home

Our refrigerator is the storage unit for the food and beverage that we consume. It keeps our food fresh and healthy. It is loaded with all types of food from top to bottom and works 24 x 7 for us. It also faces lots of actions like milk spills, curry stains, forgotten fruits and veggies turning slim & rotten, freezer turning into glaciers of Antarctica and the obvious dust & dirt. Not to be missed, the rotten food items and moisture inside refrigerator are the breeding ground for germs that spread from one food item to other and cause food contamination. Now you can guess the possible reason of the  frequent stomach aches of your little girl or nausea feeling of your husband. So it becomes very important to thoroughly clean your refrigerator in every 2 weeks.

Here are the step by step instructions to clean your refrigerator:

  1. Start the cleaning process by switching off the refrigerator for safety. (this will give your refrigerator some rest and save power also).
  2. Empty the refrigerator and keep all the food and beverage  items on a clean table or some place clean and dry.
  3. Take out the removable surfaces like shelves and drawers and place them in the kitchen sink. Now wash these detachable parts with a soapy solution and soft sponge (to avoid any scratches)
  4. Wipe the interiors of the refrigerator with a home made cleaning solution like lemon-water solution or vinegar-water solution. These solutions not only clean but disinfect also. Avoid using  chemicals cleaners  inside your refrigerator or use mild soapy solution for cleaning.
  5. Clean the door shelves of the refrigerator. This step is very important because we usually store eggs (they sometimes crack a little and leak which we do not notice), butter/mayonnaise and beverages in this section that spill quite often and leave stubborn stains.
  6. Close the refrigerator and clean the exterior. You can uses mild chemical cleaners available in market (like Colin or Mr.Muscle) for wiping the exteriors.
  7. Dry the shelves, drawers and interior of the refrigerator with a soft-dry cotton cloth before refilling it with food.
  8. Discard the rotten and expired food items. Also do not hesitate to give up the packaged food items that you bought for convenience but no one in your family consumes them(they occupy space and clutter your refrigerator). The free space in your refrigerator makes it easier for cool air to flow and keep food fresh for longer time. It also helps the compressor.
  9. Keep a home made air freshener  like fresh coffee beans or grounds in a small bowl and put it at the back of the refrigerator. It not only removes bad odor a but also absorbs moisture. Finally your refrigerator is clean and refreshed for next round of services.

Though it seems quite a task to clean your refrigerator, it cannot be avoided.  This regular cleaning and care  not only keeps your food healthy but also gives your refrigerator a longer operational life.

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Stay Healthy! Stay Blessed!

Team Mr.Right

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