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Possible reasons for oven not heating enough

oven not heating enough

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When it comes to heating foods or liquids or even cooking meals, it is the oven that comes to mind first. This appliance makes cooking easier and a lot more fun but only till it is working absolutely perfectly. However due to age, constant usage and mishandling, ovens may start showing certain faults and one of them is oven not heating enough. If you too are facing this issue then you must know the possible reasons for it before you resolve it. The following are some of the most probable reasons for oven not heating enough:

1. Heating element may be defective

REASON: One of the most common reasons for oven not heating enough could be a defective heating element.  Every electric oven has 2 heating elements: one for broiling and one for baking.  It is easy to identify in case one of them or both have burned out.  A properly working element glows bright red. If any of the elements is not working properly then you may have to replace it altogether.  However if even on installing a new element, the heating isn’t proper then it could be due to some electrical issue.

SOLUTION: For checking this, take a voltmeter and check the element using it.  Sometimes there could be a loose wire or connection which too may be leading to oven not heating properly.


2. The oven temperature sensor or bulb may be out

REASON: Another possible reason why your oven may not be heating properly is that the oven temperature sensor or bulb may be out.  Most of the ovens have a temperature sensor which is responsible for monitoring the temperature inside constantly.  The oven doesn’t heat properly if this sensor goes defective.

SOLUTION: One of the possible solutions for this problem is to check all the wires and oven elements before you replace the sensor.

Image Credits: Wikimedia Commons

3. Thermostat or selector switch may be out

REASON: One of the common reasons for oven not heating enough is a defective or faulty thermostat.  The thermostat or selector switch is responsible for helping you change the temperature. If it has gone faulty then it can be possible that the temperature setting may be low and you may no longer be able to change it. This is why your oven may not be heating properly.

SOLUTION: So check the switch or thermostat and get it replaced in case of a problem.

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4. Oven may need to be calibrated

REASON: In case there is no problem with the thermostat then it could be possible that your oven may need to be calibrated.

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SOLUTION:  You can either contact a professional for this or find the calibration dial on the back of your oven.  You will be able to see a screw which is what needs to be adjusted for changing or fixing the temperature.

Now that you know all the possible reasons for oven not heating enough, you should be able to detect the issue and also resolve it on your own. However if you need a professional for the same, you can contact Mr Right for oven or microwave not heating enough.

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