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Oil filled radiator not heating: causes and solutions

hot water radiator not heating

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An oil filled radiator is a kind of a radiator which requires oil to function and helps warm the house centrally. This appliance is useful especially for those who live in the colder regions of the world or those who experience colder weather conditions. One of the main problems with such a radiator is oil filled radiator not heating. This basically defeats the purpose of having the device altogether. There could be many reasons for this and this article will help you identify a few and also find solutions to them. They are given as follows:

1. Thermostatic valve cut off

REASON: One of the most common reasons for oil filled radiator not heating could be thermostatic valve cut off. This may happen due to the temperature difference between the setting and the room.  Sometimes when the room temperature is higher than the setting then this could happen.

SOLUTION: The best way to solve this issues is to turn the valve to bring it to a higher temperature setting. This will help lower the temperature difference.

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2. Controller or time switch may have failed

REASON: Another possible explanation of oil filled radiator not working could be a failed controller or time switch.  For this you need to check the time switch or the controller and see that it is at the correct setting.

SOLUTION: If not, make sure you change the setting and then check the heating of the oil filled radiator.

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3. Airlock in pipe work

REASON: Another reason why your oil filled radiator may not be heating as much as it should is airlock in pipe work.  This usually happens in the case when the radiators are below the level of the feeding pipes.

SOLUTION: In this case you may have to change the level so that the airlock can be removed and the radiator begins to function back normally and starts heating.

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4. Problem with the power supply or cord

REASON: Have you checked the power supply in case your oil filled radiator is not heating?Sometimes if the power cord is not working properly then the device may not work at all.

SOLUTION: Well make sure that the power cord is connected to the supply. If yes, then make sure the power supply is working by plugging on some other appliance to it. Also make sure that the power cord is functioning properly and is not damaged or broken from any part.

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5. Bleeding required

REASON: If you haven’t bled your radiator for a long time then it could be creating certain problems in the heating.

SOLUTION: Thus it is necessary that you bleed out steam from the radiator. This needs to be done every now and then to ensure optimum performance.  However if your appliance needs bleeding on a very regular basis, then this could be a problem which needs to be resolved. To bleed steam out of an oil filled radiator you can use a radiator key or a screwdriver to turn the valve counterclockwise until water starts to drip out. This shall release all the trapped air.

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Now that you know the various reasons for oil filled radiator not heating, you can solve the issue on your own as well. But in some cases, you may need professional advice or consultation. In such a case, you can contact Mr Right services for general home appliances repair.

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