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How to optimize your LG microwave oven at home

how to use a LG microwave oven

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A microwave oven is a necessary kitchen appliance now a day which helps you to warm up food and cook certain dishes in a faster way. You should know how to optimize the use of microwave oven in the right manner keeping in mind the safety aspect. It saves your time when you heat up your food in the microwave oven compared to the time it is taken while heating up in the traditional gas stove. If you have a microwave oven at home, you must know how good and convenient it is to get the cooking done. You can easily cook any dish you want. You can do the multi cooking. It complements your kitchen by performing multiple tasks, including stewing to roasting. With the touch of a button, you can perform many tasks, from roasting to baking, This is the reason why you should know how to use LG microwave oven to optimize it for various dishes you can enjoy at home.

Below are some of the things you can cook with your LG microwave oven. 

Diet Fry

If you want healthy diet fry, then this LG microwave oven is an ideal pick. Anything you fry in this oven comes out very tasty and do not contain any fat. This microwave oven possesses the Diet Fry™ feature which allows you to prepare the dishes in less amount of oil which is not harmful to your health. You can easily gorge on to your favourite chips, samosas, pakoras without worrying about your heart health.

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Indian Roti Basket

You do not have to worry about making rotis which is a time-consuming process. This LG microwave oven enables you to prepare 12 different variety of exotic Indian rotis in no time. Which type of roti you want whether it is butter roti, delicious Naans, Lachcha Paranthas, Tandoori Rotis, Missi Rotis all are within your reach now. You will develop the habit of eating at home more frequently.

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If you want to taste homemade hygienic ghee quickly, then buy this LG microwave oven. The ghee you find in the market may not be hygienic as you don’t know what conditions they are prepared. The good thing about is the ghee being made in this microwave oven is that it does not produce any smell unlike the ghee in the market. It takes only 12 minutes to make the ghee with this oven.

Pasteurized Milk

if you are a busy person and do not have time to boil the milk, get this LG microwave oven which offers you the Pasteurized Milk making option. You can have hassle-free pasteurised milk which retains the nutritional quality of this Microwave Oven. It makes the process of making pasteurised milk more covenant than before. It is bacteria free.

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Motorised Rotisserie

Your LG microwave oven comes with this feature, you can hold a Bar-be-que at home without calling those caterers who cost really high. It has 360° Rotation facility and cooks evenly all the items. You can have crispy and tasty chicken tikka, paneer tikka, mutton tikka at your home especially an ideal option for this winter season. It does not require you to check the cooking process, you just put the button on and leave it to cook. This microwave oven offers a uniform roasting quality.

Stainless Steel Cavity

This LG microwave oven comes in a stainless steel structure which offers clear reflection and uniform heating capacity. It offers durability and prevents the corroding of the structure after continuous use for years.


You no longer need to buy paneer or curd from the market if you have this LG microwave oven at home. Soft and tasty and chemical free paneer you can make with this microwave oven. If you are looking for pure delicious paneer then this is a good option.

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Autocook Menu

This LG microwave oven offers you an autocook menu. You can surprise your near and dear ones by cooking different dishes on every other day. At the press of a button, your favourite food is ready. It contains menus for cooking certain food with the required amount of time and temperature. You need to pre-set the cooking time and it automatically alerts you when the food is done.

Recipe Book

You can try out many recipes with this recipe book comes free with your LG microwave oven. All the ingredients and guidance are written there. It all requires your patience and time to experiment them. With all the required guidance, you can select the exotic dishes you want to cook and prepare the ingredients and press start button. Your food is ready.


Above all, cleaning is what gives your oven better lifespan. Your LG microwave oven should be cleaned regularly after the cooking is finished. Always keep it on a flat surface and it should not be shaken while in use. Your kitchen slab or a solid wooden table is a better place to keep microwave oven. Stay it away from the gas. Leave it well ventilated. Keep a check on the microwave’s air vents on one side to ensure they are not obstructed by anything.

As you see a microwave oven is not just used for heating up the food, you can cook several dishes in it. If you know how to use LG microwave oven in the right manner, then this guarantees the functionality of this appliance for many years to come and you can have mouthwatering dishes every day.

If your microwave develops any issue, kindly contact us Mr right services for immediate repair.

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