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Is your vacuum cleaner not picking up dirt and debris effectively?

Vacuum Cleaner repair

A vacuum cleaner puts suction to work when cleaning up the dust and debris in your home. But many times you may face an issue of your vacuum cleaner not picking up dirt and debris as effectively as it is supposed to do. Vacs are one of those appliances you may not think much about until they go out of order. Fortunately, they’re fairly simple machines and often quite easy to service.

There are various possible reasons behind poor or no suction of your vacuum cleaner. For understanding you may refer to the diagram of  the internal components of a basic vacuum cleaner:

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Clogged air filter

The most common cause of vacuum cleaner not picking up dirt properly is clogged air filter.Remove the filter and either clean or replace it as needed.

Blocked exhaust port

In a vacuum cleaner there is a constant stream of air moving through the intake port and out the exhaust port . If the vacuum cleaner won’t pick up and has no suction the exhaust port might be clogged. Switch off your vac and clean the exhaust port.

Obstructed hose

If the vacuum cleaner fails to pick up dirt and debris and has no suction the hose might be clogged. Remove the hose from the vacuum cleaner, stretch it out straight, shine a bright torchlight in one end and try to see light through it. If no light can be seen, it means there is some blockage or obstruction in the hose. Run something through the hose and remove the obstruction.

Overflowing dust bag

If the vacuum cleaner fails to suck or pick dirt and particles, then one possible reason is that vacuum dirt bag might be full. Empty the bag or replace the bag as recommended by the manufacturer.

Faulty electric motor 

A vacuum cleaner has an electric motor which is attached to a fan. As the motor powers the fan, the fab blades turn and force air inside the vacuum cleaner. The rotating fan creates a pressure difference between the area inside and outside the vac. The pressure inside the vac becomes lower than outside pressure. This pressure difference creates suction i.e. a partial vacuum inside the vacuum cleaner. The air pushes itself into the vacuum cleaner through the intake port i.e. from high pressure area to low pressure area.

So when the electric motor goes bad, the fan cannot turn and the entire phenomena of pressure difference and eventually suction cannot be achieved.

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