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Inverter not turning on automatically: causes and solutions

luminuous power inverter

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An inverter is an extremely important piece of device or appliance present in our homes. This device helps us power our homes in the case of power failures by providing backup. As soon as the power is cut off, the inverter turns on automatically and doesn’t let some of the backup lights and fixtures turn off. However in some cases, one may face the issue of inverter not turning on automatically. This is an indication of a possible problem.  You can find some of the reasons behind this along with the appropriate solutions in the following given lines:

1. Low voltage

REASON: One of the main and possible causes of inverter not turning on automatically is low voltage.

SOLUTION: For this, you will have to check the voltage using a voltmeter and ensure that it is upto the mark. If it is not, then the device won’t turn on itself and you may have to do so manually.

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2. Blown off fuse

REASON: Another common reason which could lead to inverter not turning on automatically is a blown fuse. The fuse is mostly an in-line fuse in the piece which plugs itself into the outlet.

SOLUTION: If the fuse is in fact blown off, then you need to replace it and this can be done by contacting a professional.

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3. Battery is weak

REASON: If the battery on your inverter is weak then this too is a possible cause of inverter not turning on itself.

SOLUTION: For this, you will have to check the battery and charge it properly.  You will have to charge it for several hours before putting it back to work again. Also, the battery terminals could have reversed or the battery may have become faulty.  In case of faulty battery, make sure you replace it and try the inverter again.

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4. Battery may not be connected

REASON: If your battery is not connected, then this too could be a possible reason for the device to not be turning on automatically.

SOLUTION. To solve this problem,make sure you check the battery and ensure that it is connected properly. Also check if the battery terminals are loose. If they are loose, then this could also be creating a problem. So make sure you tighten them properly.

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5. Input may not be connected

REASON: Sometimes, when the input is not connected then you may not have your inverter turning on automatically.

SOLUTION: Thereby make sure the input is connected at all times and also check the power cable properly.

These were the top reasons and their suitable solutions for the problem of inverter not turning on automatically. It is important that your inverter is in top working conditions at all times since you never know when the power will get cut off. If you are unable to solve the issue on your own, then you can contact a technician or professional through Mr Right for inverter not turning on or inverter not working etc.

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