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How to change a gas grill regulator?

gas grill regulator

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This post direct gives bit by bit guidelines on the most proficient method to change the gas grill regulator. A damaged regulator can keep the burners from getting sufficient gas, and the burners will not light. Reset the regulator for your barbecue. In the event that you’ve effectively attempted to reset the regulator and it actually doesn’t work, change it with a safe and approved gas barbecue part.

How to replace the gas grill regulator?

1. Turn the gas supply off

First, turn the gas supply off from the gas grill regulator on the propane tank. You have to turn the knob anti-clockwise in order to stop the gas. This is a mandatory task that needs to be done to ensure safety.

2. Remove the gas grill regulator

Remove the cotter pin from the main cooking frame and then remove the hose. After this, press the ring below the regulator upwards and pull the regulator from the propane tank.

3. Change the gas barbecue regulator

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Replace the regulator on the cooking frame and the tank by reversing the way you removed the older one. First, push the main regulator down to the propane gas tank nozzle. Pulling out the regulator without pressing the ring is impossible. If it happens, it means the regulator is not properly attached.

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4. Turn back the gas on

Turn the gas nozzle back to on by turning it clockwise.

5. Check any leaks in the setup

It is necessary to ensure safety before using the barbecue. There are certain ways to check any leaks in the gas apparatus. First, listen carefully if any hissing sound is coming from the tank or the gas valve.

Second, The household/cooking gas has an added smell which is mixed in the odourless gas to check if the gas is coming out of the tank.

To assure optimum safety, prepare a regular soapy solution and apply it to the regulator and the gas pipe. Look for any new bubbles appearing from the surface. If there are, your gas grill regulator is leaking from that place.

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